Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Moga is a band of 5 close friends that enjoy playing a variety of music together, but mostly rock, blues, folk & psychedelic. We have been good friends for a long time and make music we enjoy. We have fun playing live shows and our sound is hard to pin-point, which makes it interesting...


"Moga is a band that was born in the ambient womb of Pink Floyd, got it's first black eye from Howlin' Wolf, and had it's first kiss with the sweet tunes of The Band. In their sounds you will find memories of simpler, happier, and drunker times. They can transport you to the past, or shoot you out of a cannon into the future. At their live shows, you will be coerced into a dancing frenzy and will be pleasantly surprised to find a huge grin on your face. Moga strives to make good music for good people."

What sets us apart is that we don't look too far into the aspects of what makes a band popular anymore. If a few people are dancing to us at a live show, that's good enough.

We also play a wide variety of different genres of music but somehow (we don't even know how) make it sound like us.


Self Titled EP- 2009- Self Released

Jamboree- LP-2010- Self Released

Reservoir- LP- 2011- Self Released

Many songs off "Reservoir" have been getting airplay on Rhode Island radio stations, as well as Boston. "Boots" off Reservoir got #1 on Boston's UN-Regular radio "song of the week" charts.

Set List

We can play a 1/2 hr 45 min set, or play for 3 hours (which we've done once or twice when we've been the only band on bill).

We play all originals with occasional covers here and there, mostly random covers.