Providence, Rhode Island, USA

We're a couple of guys who live in the woods who aren't trying to sound like anyone.


"Moga is a band that was born in the ambient womb of Pink Floyd, got it's first black eye from Howlin' Wolf, and had it's first kiss with the sweet tunes of The Band. In their sounds you will find memories of simpler, happier, and drunker times. They can transport you to the past, or shoot you out of a cannon into the future. At their live shows, you will be coerced into a dancing frenzy and will be pleasantly surprised to find a huge grin on your face. Moga strives to make good music for good people."


"Moga"- Self Titled EP- Self-released

"Jamboree"- Full Length LP- Self-released

"Untitled New Album"- Full Length LP- Distribution TBA

Set List

As short or long as need-be.