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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Stage Magazine , july 2005"

Belgian Funk! MoGroove brings old and new funk. The single 'Can't stop looking at you' is a production of 4T4(ultrasonic7) who has definitely put his stamp on this production. MoGroove is a band that you have to see live. The infectious songs and grooves invites you to do some oncontrollable moves. - FC

"Rootstown Music, july 2005"

The 80's are still going on and is proven by these 5 youngsters who definitely know their history of that period. Their debut album 'Coming in' has every potential to become a real hit. The Gap band, The Brothers Johnson, Earth, Wind & Fire, they use those infuences in all their songs without becoming a copy of them. When we heard them live during the live presentation of that album in 'The Bebop' in leuven, we had the feeling that we were send to another dimension and that we were back in a discotheque in 1982. These youngsters also had the nerve to start their own production company. So it's understandable that their first single 'Can't stop looking at you' made into the national charts. - GTB

"RifRaf, july 2005"

MoGroove used to be a coverband. On this record the members of the band bring their own easy-listening songs and that is probably the reason why 'Can't stop looking at you' was picked out by National radios. If we have to name one influence that returns really often on the album, that has to be Stevie Wonder although we hear some George Clinton in 'We're funking'... A perfect band for a rock festival as 'Marktrock'. - PVH


- Can't stop looking at you
- Beat faster

- Coming in



In 2005 the band had their breaktrough in Belgium and Holland and played on the biggest festivals: Suikerrock (tienen), Marktrock (leuven), Maanrock (mechelen), ...
Their debut album 'Coming in' was well received and their singles had got a lot of airplay on the national radio stations. One of their singles was even picked out to be on a Compilation CD of EMI and got into the national charts. The band even had appearances on the TV Music channel 'Jim TV'.
The band knows very well where the funk is coming from (p-funk, prince, Earth wind & Fire, ...) and you can hear it in their catchy and infectious grooves.
The band plans new releases in 2006 and 2007 and is going to the German market as well.