Mohamad Ramadhani

Mohamad Ramadhani


Mohamad Ramadhani the new project from Mohamad. Islamic Pop songs from the finest which meet all standards of the modern Pop music Industry. Live in with mostly accoustic Instruments.
Played in almost all continents from small club gig until Megah festivals. Check it OUT!!


Mohamad has already recorded 4 albums, released in several countries world wide. (Universal Music I., and other labels).
His last project, and newest is Mohamad Ramadhani, ISLAMIC POP from TOP quality. Modern and catchy.
Not only for MUSLIMS!!


1999 Yin Yang (universal music)
2002 Before u (Indosemar Sakti)
2006 (Indosemar Sakti, the Orchard, and others)