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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Mohammed Dangerfield (Hasan Salaam & Rugged N' Raw) - Free .99 FreEP"

New music from new group Mohammed Dangerfield, comprised of NY born, New Jeru Raised MC Hasan Salaam & emceeing force Rugged N' Raw...

Here the two dexterous lyricist's combine to give you a peek into their collaboration with a free EP...This first glimpse features names like Shabaam Sahdeeq, Sha Stimuli and even a beat provided by longtime Demigod in-house producer Chum The Skrilla Guerilla....

Do whatcha know and get ya click/listen on...And do get ready for the fellas' upcoming full length record, dropping later this year on Viper Records.


Mohammed Dangerfield (Hasan Salaam & Rugged N' Raw) - Free .99 FreEP -

"Mohammad Dangerfield (Hasan Salaam, Rugged N Raw) – The BBQ Joint [Video]"

Mohammad Dangerfield, the dynamic duo of NJ’s Hassan Salaam and NYC’s Rugged N Raw, drop the video for “The BBQ Joint”. The song features crooner Kendal Good on the hook with backyard-jam inspired visuals directed by Mark Carranceja of Noisemaker Media.

The two underground veterans match each others flow superbly, riding an extremely smoothed-out Ironbraydz production. The visuals perfectly express the vibe of the song, displaying a thoroughly enjoyable outdoor party scene to compliment this ode to a summer tradition.

Hasan Salaam was recently featured in the August 2010 edition of our monthly installment of “5 Reasons Why NY Hip Hop Doesn’t Suck,” and is performing at the Black August Hip Hop Project’s yearly concert event August 13 at Highline Ballroom.

Mohammad Dangerfield is holding a contest to help promote the video and the duo’s upcoming release, $Free.99 due out this fall on Viper Records. Check the details on HipHopDX, and get to twittering! - Birthplace Magazine

"Mohammad Dangerfield [Hasan Salaam & Rugged N Raw] f. Sha Stimuli "Damn Right""

online review of Damn Right - Hip Hop DX

"Mohammad Dangerfield – The Halftime Show – Interview"

online video interview - 7emcees's in a line

"The 10 Question(s) Q&A Session Series: Mohammad Dangerfield"

The 29th edition of the 10 question(s) Q&A series, features another new Hip Hop collective by the name of “Mohammad Dangerfield” which members consist of New York/New Jersey duo Hasan Salaam and Rugged N Raw. Fresh off the back of releasing a critically acclaimed EP, they are preparing to release a brand new studio album later this year via Immortal Technique’s label Viper Records. The pair sit down with us to talk about the forthcoming new album, working with Viper Records and their solo music.

Dub MD: Mohamm ad Dangerfield, what’s good? For those who don’t know, could you just give a short review of what you’ve experienced in your music career up until now?

Rugged N Raw: Up to this point, I have gotten written up in Entertainment Weekly, Washington Post and Philadelphia Inquirer. I got to perform at Rocksteady, the Billboard/Discmakers Independent Music World Series, was a guest on Cipha Sounds’ Morning Show when he was on Shade 45 and opened shows for Rakim, The Roots, Sean Price, Pharoahe Monch and plenty others! The list goes on, but this is the short list of my best accomplishments to date.

Hasan Salaam: I’ve released 2 solo albums (“Paradise Lost” & “Children Of God”) 2 Mixtapes (5th Column Vol. 2 & Tales Of The Lost Tribe), won 2 Underground Music Awards (Best Single “Blaxploitation” & Best Live Performer), won a Humanitarian Award from the Hip-Hop Culture Center in Harlem that will be named after me and given to other MC’s that do positive work in the community, & rocked shows all over the world.

Dub MD: Your new group Mohammad Dangerfield is comprised of two emcees in Hasan Salaam and Rugged N Raw, why did you decide to join forces and how did you first meet each other?

Rugged N Raw: I met Hasan in 2003, but we heard of each other as far back as 2001. We knew the same people and kept hearing about each other, and finally linked at a show. We decided to do this duo album because we were rocking a lot of the same shows and have a genuine respect for each others work. After a while, we always went to each other’s shows just to show support.

We were on a song together months before we actually met. The first actual collaboration was actually me producing Allegro off his 1st album “Paradise Lost”. Later, we recorded a few songs together and rocked those songs when one of us had a solo set. From there, people that liked us as individuals were intrigued to see what more material with both of us would sound like. From there, the rest is history.

Dub MD: You’ve got a brand new studio album is just around the corner. Can you give us a little background on the album and what the concept is behind it?

Hasan Salaam: The album is very eclectic sonically. It’s on some gumbo type shit have some boom-bap, some rock, soul, jazz, different tempos, all that’s in there on the production so the lyrics are different flavors 2. We both make music for all aspects of life it’s not some every song sounds like a remix to the last jawn type album. It’s really a conversation about everything from War, BBQ’s, Relationships, Crashing Parties, to Self Improvement.

Rugged N Raw: A lot of the work we do is loosely based on convos we have had, or things that weigh on our mind a lot. As solo artists, the challenge was to be able to mesh our different interpretations of beats we both liked. While we were both looking forward to a new challenge, the goal is to make sure your identity is always present. Hasan and I were both able to totally be ourselves while adjust to making an LP with another person.

Dub MD: With this new album, what artists and producers are you connecting with this time around?

Rugged N Raw: Among the slew of people involved, We linked with Asa Buchanon, Impaq has a beat and a verse on the album, DJ Static, Immortal Technique, Craig Rip, Poison Pen, PhaseOne, Majesty Baron (of Red Clay), Badsportt and 2 producers from London, Iron Braydz and DJ Insite.

Dub MD: The new album is being released through Immortal Technique’s label Viper Records. Why did you decide to release with them and what’s the benefits working with him?

Rugged N Raw: Viper is a label that allows total artistic control. I would much rather fail doing the music I want than succeed while not being true to myself. That opportunity was presented to us and we are looking forward to doing an excellent job. A major advantage to working with Technique is that he has had success without compromising himself, both as an artist and as a person.

I have been fortunate enough to open a few shows for him on the road and see what it truly takes to be successful. The music is only a portion of it. He has an amazing work ethic and that will always challenge me to be better.

Hasan Salaam: Viper Records has established itself as a label for the artists and Viper artists are for the people. None of that foo-foo to good for people type attitude, it’s a get your hands dirty, you get what you work for type situation and that’s where we thrive. Neither of us are strangers to hard work. Working with Tech is dope cause he doesn’t horde his knowledge about the business. He’s willing to build and speak on what does and doesn’t work in the indy game.

Dub MD: You just released a free EP last week called “$FREE.99? whats the response been like on that and why should heads download it over the countless other free EP’s out right now?

Hasan Salaam: This EP right here listens like an album its not some throw away sh*t. The songs knock 2. “Writers Block” featuring Shabaam Sahdeeq has gotten a whole lotta burn on blogs and different sites people rocking that heavy. The “Mama Said” joint is getting a lot of love shout outs to my Old Earth! Sha Stimuli makes a dope appearance on it as does Sheba Shane. The beats are tuff and we always body the verses.

Rugged N Raw: The response has been amazing thus far. The people have been waiting a while for material from us, and we wanted to make sure we didn’t disappoint. This EP sets itself apart because these are all cuts that are album worthy. A couple of these songs were actually meant to be on the album, but the only thing that kept them off were questionable samples. This definitely meets to our standards of material that we put out.

Dub MD: What do you think is your most defining and unique characteristic that sets you apart from every other group out there? and how would you describe your style to those who still haven’t heard your music?

Rugged N Raw: I think it’s our brutal honesty about ourselves that separates us. A lot of musicians don’t give you an idea of who they truly are when they aren’t their alter ego. We have nothing to hide and like sharing stories and ideas that people can relate to. We are not selling a fantasy world to make you forget your problems.

Rather, we offer people a way to either hear what they are feeling in a way they might not have been able to say it, or provide an outlet for people to throw caution to the wind and embrace life, no matter how good or bad it is at the moment.

Dub MD: Your both solo artists in your own right, outside of the new group album, what have you both got in the pipeline as solo artists? and we can we expect to hear them?

Rugged N Raw: I got some songs I am working to put together, looking to reinvent myself and create a sound unheard on my previous work. I am looking forward to giving more of who I really am on this new project. Some free singles will be ready very soon. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Hasan Salaam: I’m working on a few projects right now. Honestly I have about 3 albums worth of material in the stash. My next album “Life In Black & White” will be out next year there will be an EP b4 that. I’m also working on going worldwide with FLOW (For the Love Of Words) with my brother Raj doing writing workshops for the youth.

I have been doing lectures at High Schools and Universities on Black Music and Struggle “From The Spirituals to Hip-Hop” all over the country and I will be on the road with that more so come out and build with me.

Dub MD: You’ve performed on stages all over the world, If I’m coming to a Mohammad Dangerfield show. What am I going to experience, that I won’t experience from just listening to your material on CD?

Rugged N Raw: We aren’t gonna just make a show like a glorified rehearsal, and we’re never gonna take it easy on stage. The goal is to give the people a fantastic time, and to be interactive. The energy is key. We don’t ever perform expecting people to give us empty energy. We rock out and breathe life into crowds.

Hasan Salaam: Your going to have a respectable evening of live entertainment. Nah I’m bullsh*ting, really we wild the f*ck out! I’m gonna climb up on the speakers, RnR is gonna do some kinda crazy sh*t maybe a windmill or the roger rabbit. It’s like we rocking for fam in the living room, if there were a million people in the living room.

Feet all up on your Mama’s couch drinking the last of the orange juice and all that! We on some live Hip-Hop sh*t! You get your “$” worth and then some. After we’re gonna be in the crowd kicking it with the people no Hollywood type ish from us.

Dub MD: What is on tap for Mohammad Dangerfield for 2010 and beyond? do you have anything to say to the fans? anything you wanna get off your chest? any shout outs?

Rugged N Raw: No matter what, Hasan and I will always be working on music and supporting each other. Whether another album happens, that depends on the good people. If we sell 500 gazillion records, we’ll make an album every week!

(Laughs) So fans, get out there and buy the album when it comes out. I just want to say peace to everybody who has supported Rugged N Raw & Hasan Salaam as solo artists, and all the new Mo Danger fans. Shout out to anywhere that has turkey bacon!

Hasan Salaam: Peace to Man, Woman & Child. My prayers go out to the people of Pakistan, Nigeria, & Haiti. Peace to everybody struggling and striving across the globe. Walk On Water.
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"Mohammad Dangerfield (Album Review)"

There are times when I think to myself, what is the point of what I do. Why do I even bother hosting this site, when other just go through the motions and I actually write with substance. But then I remember I do this for the love of a culture, responsible for a good part of my adolescence. When classic albums served as soundtracks to my life. Other things that help balance me out are the fact that there is good music out there, and I have a hand in helping with the progression of the art form by showcasing the greatness it has.

With the hip-hop scene being saturated with such sugar filled fluff, for some it may be difficult to distinguish what is passion and what is just greed. Passion for someone's craft, that goes into exceptional bodies of work. While greed fuels others to create mediocre material to line their pockets. In the end, what does that really lead to?

For one to create, one should birth their ideas from the soul. Literally bleed and sweat for their work to actually have any real meaning. And that is what I respect.

These are the things I look for when I listen to albums and choose to review them. I focus on what the artist was to evoke as well as what their frame of mind may have been, while creating. Which is why, when I had the opportunity to listen to the upcoming Mohammad Dangerfield album, I was very satisfied with the quality and passion put into it.

One can create an album with 20 tracks and have only 10 them appeal to the average person. While other can create an album with just 10 tracks and have it become a masterpiece. Here Rugged N Raw and Hasan Salaam managed to create an album with 18 tracks, that not only is music to your ears (no pun intended) and very satisfying to the true essence of hip-hop.

To tackle different topics in music can at times, be a bit of a reach. With few beng able to pull it off with ease. Here speaking on politics, government and infidelity among other topics, just flows effortlessly.

This is a an album which one can completely enjoy without having to skip to the next track. Which can be a bit of a rarity these days, but is a compliment to the artists' work ethic. And a testament to what comes naturally to this duo.

I urge anyone that says, they are true fans of hip-hop to make it a point to purchase this album, when it comes out in February.

Mohammad Dangerfield, I thank you. As you make my job that much easier as well as a pleasant one. - My World is Vinyl


Rugged N Raw:
Truth Serum
Another Level
Free .99 EP
Mohammad Dangerfield (Self titled album)

Hasan Salaam:
5th Column Mixtape Vol.2
Paradise Lost
Children of God
Free .99 EP
Mohammad Dangerfield (self titled album)



Mohammad Dangerfield has been bumpin through your speakers a lot over the last few years, you just didn’t know it yet. Rugged N Raw & Hasan Salaam, both accomplished solo artists, have teamed up after ripping up countless stages together to bring you their latest album.

Rugged N Raw has solidified himself as one of the best up and coming artists around. He has garnered press from Entertainment Weekly and performed at the 2009 Rocksteady main stage event. He was a finalist at the 2008
Discmakers/Billboard Independent Music World Series, finalist for the America's Next Urban Superstar award at the 2009 Urban Music Awards & featured at the 2008 Baltimore Music Conference. The hit single "I'm Broke And Proud" f/Hasan Salaam was aired on FUSE Network, Video Music Box (Hosted by Ralph McDaniels), and received written press in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post and New York Magazine. He was also featured on Cipha Sounds' Morning show on Eminem's Shade 45 channel on Sirius Satellite Radio.

The latest album "Truth Serum" was rated as a top 10 indie release of 2008 on quite a few sites, including & and went on a successful 14 city tour in the fall. Rugged N Raw has shared the stage with the likes of Rakim, Black Thought, Pharoahe Monch, Immortal Technique, Sean Price, DJ Premier of Gang Starr, Jeru The Damaja, Brand Nubian, Roxanne Shante, U-God of Wu-Tang Clan, Serius Jones, Grandmaster Caz, DMC, C Rayz Walz, Poison Pen and Cormega.

Hasan's music paints vivid pictures of the commonalities that bind us: struggle, love, and pain. It's this ability, to touch people at their core, which has garnered Hasan a loyal fan base all over the world. He is the winner of 2 Underground Music Awards, and his following has generated over a million plays on Myspace and Youtube alone. Hasan has performed live on national TV stations such as NBC, FUSE, CSPAN, and PBS. He's been featured in numerous major media publications such as The Source Magazine (twice), The Village Voice, and The Washington Post. He dropped his debut album Paradise Lost in '05 and won two Underground Music Awards, one for "Best Live Performance" and the other "Song of the Year" for the albums 1st single "Blaxploitation".

Hasan has rocked shows with Dead Prez, Common, Busta Rhymes, Saigon, Talib Kweli, The Rza, The Gza, Slick Rick, Lord Jamar, Sadat X, Smif N Wesson, Grandmaster Caz, Curtis Blow, Immortal Technique, Pharoahe Monch, Naughty By Nature & Digital Underground to name a few. In '07, he was on the "Red Gone Wild Tour" with Redman, Kidz in the Hall, Akir, Bashir & DJ GI Joe.

Mohammad Dangerfield (Rugged N Raw & Hasan Salaam) have many accomplishments as individuals, and since teaming up, have continued the momentum. In 2010, they have been covering a lot of ground, embarking on a three week March tour in the UK as well as performing at the Urban Letters Festival in Berlin. In April 2010, they took their talents to Colorado and did a week tour in Denver, Ft. Collins, Greeley and Boulder. They have also ventured to Vermont, Virginia, Washington DC and Baltimore. In August 2010, they released an EP through Viper Records and Hip Hop DX called $Free.99, as well as a slew of videos that drew the attention of many hip hop websites, namely 2DopeBoyz & Kevin Nottingham. The self-titled album will be released in January 2011, with appearances by Immortal Technique, Poison Pen, Kendal Good and more. Despite all the activity, this is merely the beginning.