Mohammed Yahya
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Mohammed Yahya

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Spoken Word


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Beyond Conflict Review"

"Mohammed Yahya latest musical blessing Beyond Conflict is another e.g of how easily he trancends the world of musical boundaries Check out Nefarious with deep beats and consciously painted metaphors with spine tingling vocals from Sabrina." - Genesis Radio DJ KMT & (New Microphone Cyphas Director ) - Beyond Conflict Review

"Quality Control Music Reviews"

"Yahya definitely has his own sound, but if the powerful, Muslim leader Malcolm X made music, it might have sounded something like this. A perfect mix of infectious main stream beats and underground edge. - "Nadirah Habeebullah - Quality Control Music Reviews

"Breakthrough Music and Pop Culture from around the Globe"

Yahya’s long awaited album “Beyond Conflict” is is a testament to both his lyrical prowess as well as his humanitarian work off the stage. This long awaited project is a compilation of unreleased material as well as some of Mohammed Yahya’s greatest classic work" - MTV Blog/ Ben herson

"Beyond Conflict Review"

"“Beyond Conflict’ is an edification memorandum, or for those who don’t have thesaurus to hand, it’s going to school you and touch you on both personal and infinite ways." -

"Mohammed Yahya "Beyond Conflict""

"In this bling-bling rap era, Mohammed Yahya's album is like a divine blessing for the listeners' souls".- - Dj Nio (Zero Plastica) - deliri di nio



Mohammed Yahya has received a great deal of publicity due to his positive artistic activism and has been invited to perform across England, Scotland, Norway, Czech Republic, Sweden and U.S.

Below is a list of some of the Events he has been involved in.

• Anti Racism Holmia Festival/ Norway
• Musse Nite/ World Culture Museum: Gothenburg / Sweden
• Trinity International Hip Hop Festival / Connecticut / USA
• A evening with Mohammed Yahya/Chimoio/ Mozambique
• Interfaith Performance /Jecin/ Czech Republic
• Environmental Festival: The Bla / Norway
• Spitting Light / 9 City U.K. Tour
• Words Beats and Life / Washington DC / USA
• Poets Against Poverty: School of Oriental and African Studies / London
• Street Prophets/ Cosmopolite Scene/ Oslo/Norway
• Rise Festival/ Finsbury Park / London
• Bus Boys and Poets / Washington DC / USA
• Global Peace and Unity/ Excel Centre
• 2008 PVE Conference & Innovation Awards/ London
• Continental Drifts Global Sowcase/ London
• Dangerous Ideas 5 City Tour
• Art of Integration: Rich Mix / London
• Sufi Concert: Ivory Coast
• Worldwide Interfaith Conference: Austria/ Vienna


Mohammed Yahya has been featured in various forms of print and broadcast media, His work was also featured in the soundtrack for the movie “A Goat’s Tail”.

Print Media

New Nation/ 1 Week to live / Jewish Telegraph / Colchester Gazette / Emel Magazine / Platform Magazine / Hip Hop Connection/ Timeout/ Nytid- Norway
Broadcast Media

BBC1- Funny Thing about Ramadan/ Channel 5 – Channel 5 News / Islam Channel- Global Peace & Unity Event / UNITY TV- DEEN STREET / MTV Base / Channel U /Passion TV/ ORF ( Austrian Television)

BBC Asian Network / BBC London/ Choice FM / Radio SalaamShalom: Bristol/ / Word, Beats and Life- Washington DC U.S / WZBC- Boston U.S/ Genesis FM/ Unity FM: Birmingham/ Ramadan radio/


Making Music with a Message

Features on CD RELEASES:
• Rebel Muzik
• Welcome to London
• Underworld (Moorish Delta 7)
• Looney Tunes
• The Sickness (Silent Soundz)
• Global express Volume 2 (dark and cold)
• Nylon (New York to London)
• The Guvnors
• Clash Me (Fallacy)
• Remedy For The Poison
• Untapped Project (Dark N Cold)
• From The Ground Up (Deep Rooted)
• Uninvited Guests (DJ Amnesty)
• Palestine Project (7th Century)
• Truth Seekers (Mecca 2 Medina)
• Renegade artistry (Rebel Alliance)
• Mix tape (Baby J)
• Mix tape (Kuz)
• Mono The Constitution (Amsterdank)
• Burning Spear (compilation)
• Phalanx Heresy (anathema)

• freedom times(poetic pilgrimage)
• Luvolution (blind Alphabetz)
• Street hop (shadow man)
• African Rhythms( Blind Alphabetz)
• Gladiatorial passion volume 2 ( Mr drastick)
• Silent soundz: the showcase ( hip hop connection)
• My Journey Volume 1 ( Jnr Sas)
• My Journey Volume 2 & 3 (Jnr Sas)
• The mixtape (Blind Alphabetz)
• squirrelz with gunz (DJ SKULLY AND CHEMO)
• in the hour of chaos (Kashmere)
• Street stories( Midas and Daley grinder)
• Veridiko album
• Tigana album
• Live from the sofa (DJ IQ)
• Burning spear compilation
• Dj Rpm
• My life in rhymes (AG DOLLAR)
• Iconoclast (Masikah Album )
• First and Last ( Album 2008)
• Hip Hop Tugas ( Mixtape distributed in U.K. and Portugal)
•Ancient Tapes volume 1 (Quest Rah)
• Beyond Conflict ( Mohammed Yahya)
• The adventures of Hakim (Audio Stories)
• The Road less travelled ( Rakin Niass Mixtape- released 2010)
• Star Women (Poetic Pilgrimage album- released 2010)


• Afro Hood
• Street Akademiks
• Lon-dons
• Diamonds in The Ruff
• Spitting Pure Poison
• Sound of the streets

Video LINKS:

A World Full of Sin Music Video

Change Video Feat. Iron Braydz

Mohammed Yahya on BBC

Mohammed Yahya Interview at Holmia Festival in Norway

Mohammed Yahya interview on Austrian National TV (ORF)

Mohammed Yahya Performing with Live Band



Mohammed Yahya is a bilingual Mozambican born Rapper/ Spoken Word Artist who was forced to flee his country of birth during the civil war. Having moved to Portugal, the young Mohammed Yahya began to show an interest in music, partly due to his father’s influence as a singer.
Being surrounded by poverty, he used music and poetry to channel his thoughts, energy and emotion in a positive manner.
Early influences were from African music such as Marabenta, Semba, Kizomba, Funana and Zouk. Later, having moved to London, Mohammed Yahya become involved in various Hip Hop groups such as Blind Alphabetz who were often compared to Public Enemy and supported acts such as: Guru, Dead Prez and Saigon.

In late 2007 Mohammed Yahya released his first album “Luvolution” alongside Iron Braydz, featuring some of the most respected artists in UK, and U.S. In early 2008 Blind Alphabetz spilt up and Mohammed Yahya decided to pursue his solo career as well as involve himself in artistic activism.

Mohammed Yahya has performed across England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Mozambique, Austria, Ivory Coast and U.S.

Mohammed Yahya is highly involved in interfaith work and alongside Daniel Silverstein started the 1st ever Muslim/Jewish Hip Hop collective in U.K. He is also the president of Speech for Peace, an Organization that aims to create a positive movement that will inspire all communities to work together towards constructive engagement between one another exemplifying understanding and compassion in the work for social justice and human dignity beyond the barriers of religion, ethnicity and nationality.

Mohammed Yahya impressively delivers soulful street poetry with hair raising honesty in both Portuguese and English allowing him to reach a wide audience across the world.