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Felixstowe, England, United Kingdom

Felixstowe, England, United Kingdom
Band Rock Hip Hop


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Moon Reservation 2006
1. Silver Sonnet 2. Freewheel 3. Down 4. Cruzin
5. I Don't Wanna Be Famous 6. She Belongs to Me 7. First Time 8. Turn it up Loud
9. Feel Alive 10.I Want You Back
The Mohawk Tapes 2007
1.Long Century 2.Why Me 3.Live Forever 4.Weird
5.If Your Just Always Lonely
Transgressions 2008
1. JFK Speech 2. Freedom Reign 3. Party Political Broadcast 4. Imperialistic Domination 5. Bush Speech 6. Blair Speech 7. Ow-ya ow-ye ow-ya 8. The Temple
Revolutions 2010
1.The Battle for Democracy 2.Propaganda 3.Lies and Confusion 4.Paranoia
5.My Life 6.In The Dark 7.Down 8.No Homes 9.Throw Away World 10.On and On



Spencer Lee Horton(born 1974) is a singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He is the lead vocalist and guitarist in the band, and was the initial founder of the bands Mohawk and Armada. Spencer studied at ACM in Guildford, passing with merit and attaining a higher diploma in contemporary music. Spencer has played with Ronan Keating on his No 1 selling single 'Life is a Rollercoaster'; he has also performed on GMTV, This Morning, CDUK, Greesemania, Eastenders, Top of the Pops and many other top TV shows. Spencer has played with various high-profile stars, including Lulu, Darius Danesh, Sinead Quinn, Triple 8, Ronan Keating, Hearsay, 3rd Edge, Chesney Hawkes, Richie Neville(from 5), A1, Tracy Ackerman, The Tremeloes, and IKA.
Spencer uses Gibson and Ibanez guitars, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Amplifiers, Line 6 effects, Vox Wah Wahs, Digitech Whammy Pedals with Ernie Ball power slinky strings.
Jason Dighton (born 1975) is the bass player and backing vocalist in the band. Jason is influenced by Bootsy
Collins, Jaco Pastorias, Miles Davis, Louis Johnson, Marcus Miller and Brent Mason. Jason started playing off and on aged 16, playing in a local rock cover band. He also played for a few years in holiday-camp bands. A few years later, Jason hooked up and played with Spencerʼs first band Armada. Following this he spent some time in the jazz wilderness. He joined the band in 2007, providing a unique style and completing the dynamic.
Some of Jasonʼs highlights include playing at the Royal National Theatre and Lionel Blairʼs back garden, whilst “getting his chops together”. Jason uses Ampeg amps, Fender bass guitars, Ibanez bass guitars
and effects, Cort bass guitars, and EBS and Digitech effects.
Andy Burlace(born 1985) is the drummer and backing vocalist. He started playing music at the age of 9, and was regularly guesting
with Robbie Gladwell (Steve Harley, Suzi Quatro) by age 11, playing guitar. By 13, he was gigging in his own right around the Ipswich music scene, playing guitar, bass and drums.At 16, Andy attended ACM in Guildford, and completed a higher diploma in contemporary music with merit.Since this, he has played many sessions and live gigs on drums, bass and guitar with a variety of musicians and bands, including Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Mark Richardson (Feeder) Ace (Skunk Anansie) Pete Friezen (Alice Cooper) and Gregg Wright (Michael Jackson) to name but a few. Andy joined Spencer in Mohawk on drums from their conception stage.
Andy uses Tama and DW Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, DW Hardware and Vic Firth Sticks.