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A chat with Da Fugitivz’s Mohawk
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europe » sweden Friday, January 04, 2008
Da Fugitivz is one of the most successful Gambian rap groups. Since their formation a decade ago, they have performed in various parts of the world and are indisputably the group that has survived the muddy challenges, which often force many local rap groups out of the business.

The group which comprises four talents all of hailed from the same Pipeline neighbourhood.

Da Fugitivz are credited with being the trailblazers of Gambian hip-hop. In 2005, the group entered into a three year contract with Double Dogs Records based in Stockholm and have been breaking grounds since they left home soil.

One of the group’s vocalists, Muhammed Kah, better known by his rap sobriquet Mohawk, is currently on a promotional tour of his solo album and What’s On caught up with him for a chat:

Are you married? (Laughs)..... oh not yet!

It’s been a while since you left the country?

Well I came here to promote my first solo album which I intend to drop in the market very soon, probably next summer. However, It doesn’t mean that I broke away from Da Fugitivz group, we are still stronger than ever before.

It is like after working with the group for over 10 years now, I thought it is time for me to also show my solo talents, thus, coming up with the idea to release my own solo album.

How many tracks are in the album?

I plan to make it a fourteen or fifteen-sound track album, which will feature Gambian artists, Senegalese artists and Jamaican Elephant Man as well. I have spoken to him and when things go on fine, I will travel to Jamaica to record this album. Basically, three quarter of the album will be rapped in Wollof, others will be rapped in English. As we enter the new year, I think it is time for me to improve my image to higher heights.

What motivated Double Dogg Records to sign Da Fugitivz up?

Yeah man, it is like, sometimes ago in Sweden, they saw us performing and also listened to our music. They invited us to work together. At that time, our contract with Sony Records of France was at its final round. So we accepted their request and we signed a three-year deal. It’s all good, It’s all right was the first single we produced with Double Dogg Records. The video clip was recorded here in The Gambia. This tune became a hit in many places as it rose to the top 10 in Sweden and Europe top hundred.

How has the contract been faring?

Well, it’s a successful one. This record company is a big record company under Bonnies Amigoes which is one of the biggest publishing company based in Scandinavia.

What is your new solo album about?

Well, the solo album is about my life, my struggle. What I experienced in my music career and at the end of the day is all about my life. This will be my first solo album and 80 per cent of the album is recorded in my own studio called Block Entertainment.

Your own studio?

Yeh, it is like a record studio established to help the upcoming artists. I am the chief executive officer (CEO) of the studio.

How is it like playing music in Sweden?

(Laughs) ...well it is like there you find proper recording studios, proper sound engineering. If you have good music, everybody will appreciate it.

How were you (Da Fugitivz ) able to stay together all these years?

As I told you before, we are like one big family. We all came from the same Pipeline neighbourhood. We really understand each other as well.

Did you ever receive an award?

We received several awards and we are also nominated for the best European-Carribean Diaspora Kora Award that was held in South Africa some time ago.

Why did you leave the US, where hip-hop is most advanced?

Oh no. You can stay in the US for a number of years without a breakthrough, because the music there is too big and tough. Basically Europe is a different place. For instance, If you have a record label in Europe who are ready to sign, produce and distribute your music worldwide, why not go for it.

What’s your connection with Energy Sound in Stockholm?

I am a DJ together with my friend, DJ Rolexx. Energy Sound is a sound system with internet radio based in Stockholm and run by the two of us. It’s a media outlet that we use to promote our young Gambian talents worldwide. We also have a website.

Any final word?

What I want to tell the Gambian DJs is to continue playing our stuff on radios. As time goes on, I want to have my own record label which I will use to help the upcoming artists. Doing this will greatly help them a lot and I will be contributing my own quota towards the socio-economic development of the country. Everybody has a role to play in nation building.

For more information about Energy Sound, log on to

by Sheriff Janko
- daily observer


its all good its all right, who dem, be mine are the songs
released internationally with my band da fugitivz




Mo hawk is his name and music is his game. Born Mohammed kah, but known to many as Mo hawk or simply Mo, this intransigent artist has a lot to be proud of as he celebrates over a decade of active involvement in the music industry. Starting out as a member of Da fugitivz, a four member group; quartet actually, that took the nation by storm; Mo hawk built a name for himself. Recognized for his unique and aggressive wollof rap style, he’d successfully set himself apart from the rest, proof of which lies in him being awarded the rapper of the year award at the firstever awards ceremony in Gambia. “I do nothing but hip hop, I’m a specialist” his style is specific but distinct, singing both in English and his national language, Mohawk creates a synergy of west meets Africa. Channeling a decade of experience in the music industry, Mohawk is ready to broaden his horizons. Recording not only as a member of the fugitivz but solo as well. As stated in a recent interview of his “My upcoming solo album is going to be a global collaboration” Mohawk has already recorded tracks with various other artists. A rapper, a DJ, a songwriter, CEO of his own record lable THE BLOCK ENT. STUDIO, a radio show host and a producer, his commitment to music is copious. “I want to be the next top producer” he has been quoted as saying and for a reason too; working towards his diploma in audio engineering; the wheels of success are already in motion. With a mind of his own, Mo hawk sees it as his duty to educate the masses through his work. “Music is not just to entertain but to educate as well”. Rapping about the ills of society and relating to his own personal experiences, he seeks to make a difference.