mo hawk (da fugitivz)

mo hawk (da fugitivz)

BandHip Hop

i play hip hop rap, rapping in my native language WOLLOF from Gambia and in English. i use cd players as my back instruments and live band if possible. my music consist of sampled african instruments and modern hip hop beats.



Mo hawk is his name and music is his game. Born Mohammed kah, but known to many as Mo hawk or simply Mo, this intransigent artist has a lot to be proud of as he celebrates over a decade of active involvement in the music industry. Starting out as a member of Da fugitivz, a four member group; quartet actually, that took the nation by storm; Mo hawk built a name for himself. Recognized for his unique and aggressive wollof rap style, he’d successfully set himself apart from the rest, proof of which lies in him being awarded the rapper of the year award at the firstever awards ceremony in Gambia. “I do nothing but hip hop, I’m a specialist” his style is specific but distinct, singing both in English and his national language, Mohawk creates a synergy of west meets Africa. Channeling a decade of experience in the music industry, Mohawk is ready to broaden his horizons. Recording not only as a member of the fugitivz but solo as well. As stated in a recent interview of his “My upcoming solo album is going to be a global collaboration” Mohawk has already recorded tracks with various other artists. A rapper, a DJ, a songwriter, CEO of his own record lable THE BLOCK ENT. STUDIO, a radio show host and a producer, his commitment to music is copious. “I want to be the next top producer” he has been quoted as saying and for a reason too; working towards his diploma in audio engineering; the wheels of success are already in motion. With a mind of his own, Mo hawk sees it as his duty to educate the masses through his work. “Music is not just to entertain but to educate as well”. Rapping about the ills of society and relating to his own personal experiences, he seeks to make a difference.


its all good its all right, who dem, be mine are the songs
released internationally with my band da fugitivz

Set List

5 songs each 4 to 5 minutes.