Mohawk Radio

Mohawk Radio

 Hamilton, Hamilton city, BMU

Mohawk Radio's influences vary due to our diverse backgrounds within the music scene.
We draw from Classic Rock Greats, Retro Blues Artists, Classic Folk Artists, to Modern Alternative Rock Bands to create our sound.
Each member of Mohawk Radio brings their own personal style into the band, which created the Band's original and alluring sound.


Fronted by Mia Page Chambray, whose father has a strong history within the Bermudian Music Scene, Mohawk Radio is a group of experienced musicians with diverse musical backgrounds.

The name, "Mohawk Radio" comes from a Bermudian sketch comedy group titled "Not the Um Umm Show".
NTUUS performed in Bermuda for many years.
We at Mohawk Radio have a close working relationship with some if the key players in NTUUS, and so were given permission to obtain the name for the band.


First Contact EP