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The best kept secret in music


"show preview by Randy Ballwahn"

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if Moi’s over the top sex glam shtick is tongue in cheek or a bit too serious for comfort. Frontman Royce Peterson seethes with sexual energy and innuendo skirting the limits of absurdity by playing a crotch-stuffing rock star as his band throws down a catchy combo of arena rock and synth disco. The NYC quintet is theatrical, comedic, and ready to rock with a mean falsetto and lots of Prince-like coyness. Is the spandex and gold lame an act or a sincere tribute to rocking excess? Either way, it should make for a good show. - The Onion

"show preview by Aaron Jentzen"

Moi?’s Queenly blend of Prince and Def Leppard, comedy and drama, can be summed up – if you believe the band – in one word: “beautyrock”. Its self-titled album includes overblown, hilarious skits in between sometimes emotional, sometimes triumphant sex-jams. Ironic? Serious? Hard to say exactly, but several members have appeared on and off Broadway in musicals including Rent Hedwig and the Angry Inch – if that helps any. When the synths kick in, you won’t be too worried about such distinctions. - Pittsburgh City Paper

"CD review by Tom Laskin"

Years ago, Moi? frontman Royce Peterson (a.k.a. Peter Kohl) helmed a Madison rock act called Cruel that dared to mix gorgeous falsetto keening with the usual alt-rock stylings of the day. Kohl’s been in New York for years, and during that time teenage emo kids the cult following of the late Jeff Buckley and self-consciously dramatic acts like Muse have made falsetto keening safe for the mainstream.

So what’s Kohl done to differentiate himself from the demonstrative heart-on-my-sleeve crowd? Judging from Moi?s self-titled debut on the Crustacean label, he’s spent a lot of time communing with Prince, ‘70’s Euro-disco, Lou Reed’s Berlin, and Queen. In fact, while Kohl is far from a Freddie Mercury clone, the late, great hard-rocking exhibitionist comes to mind when the power chords and synths blast off behind him on “The Bitch and the Bull.” But, he’s hardly a one-trick pony. Overheated soul pleaders, mocking crotch-rock, shimmering pop pulchritude, taut disco come-ons – he does them all with a wink and a smile.

Up on stage, ample applications of mascara, glitter and attitude are sure to make the audio portion of Moi?’s singular act even more engaging. So hustle down to the High Noon Saloon on Sunday May 29, to catch Royce – or Peter – work out his fantasies in celebration of the disc’s release. It won’t be an ordinary evening.
- Isthmus


"The theatrical and comedic Moi? swings a mighty shtick. Their over-the-top rock numbers come off like collaboration between every 80's hair-metal band and Shudder to Think. And as funny as most of these songs are, they are also seriously catchy and highly danceable." -the Village Voice - Village Voice


2003- Moi? pink EP - Beautyrock Records
2005- SXSW Comp - Crustacean Records
2005- Moi? self-titled full-length - Crustacean Records


Feeling a bit camera shy



Moi? consists of former members of legendary NYC bands such as Double Dong & Wyld Lyxx and Muckafurgason. In addition, members of Moi? have played with Moby, Perry Ferrel, John Flansberg (They Might Be Giants), Corn Mo, Vitamin C, the Wau Wau Sisters and Princess Superstar. Several members of Moi? have also appeared on and off Broadway in Rent, People Are Wrong!, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Circus By the Sea, and The Losers’ Lounge.


Peter Kohl is not-so-secretly Moi? frontman Royce Peterson. As Moi’s producer, he has created a sexy new sound that calls for its own genre of music -- “beautyrock.” And as a musician and performer, Kohl brings beautyrock to life in the persona of Royce Peterson. He runs Beautyrock Recording Studios in New York City.

Moi? has played legendary NYC stages Mercury Lounge, Arlene's Grocery, BB King's, Joe's Pub, and Bowery Ballroom as well as Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Madison, Lansing and Indianapolis.

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