Moi is a muti-racial band based in Riverside, California. Comprised of four members, Moises Navarro on acoustic guitar and lead vocals; Daley Hake, electric guitar; Matt Quillen, bass; and Flower Garcia, drums, their diversity is more than just skin deep. The music is interwoven with influences of funk, rock, soul, folk, jazz and traditional latin rhythms. Their sets are beautifully filled with energetic, emotional, and life-altering moments. MOI easily reaches a wide variety of people with their passionate music, straight-forward lyrics, and unique harmonies. An up-and-coming voice in music, MOIhas earned a massive grassroots following through hard work and constant touring throughout the past six years. Their newest release, Fire on the Mountain is available on itunes. Containing ten new original compositions including favorites like: "It Pleases You," "Vida," and "Roses and Kisses," and the title track the disc is a brilliant marker of the group's artistic growth and Moises' maturation as a songwriter. MOI continues to make waves in the music scene playing about 180 shows a year on average.


Consume Me - 2001 (Available on itunes)
It Pleases You - 2002
Fire on the Mountain - 2004 (Available on itunes)

Set List

MOI's set up is very flexible, as well, from Moises playing solo on guitar, to full band, depending on the need of the venue.

MOI's set is a mix of originals from their albums, and a few other songs that will be on their next album (not yet released)

Set number and length depends on the venue - MOI is very flexible