Moira, Darling

Moira, Darling

 Belleville, Ontario, CAN

A hardcore, hip-hop/metal influenced mind-fuck of a live show that delivers signature breakdowns while hinting a Unique, southern sound that's still pleasing to the ear.


In a small town in Ontario, MD formed in December '07 with an ambition of hitting the top of the metal charts. After going through some members throughout the years, they have ended up with a solid 5-piece line up, each member bringing along their unique smells, quirks, personalities and musical backgrounds to create what we know as 'Moira, Darling'.

After releasing their debut full-length titled "Conception" in the summer of 2009 MD became a common name within the Quinte area. Jumping right back into the writing room, MD's already been writing new songs with hopes of releasing another full-length in Spring of 2011.

They have JUST finished recording their NEWEST EP in Fall of 2010 @ 7Valley Recording Studio in Vaughan, ON. Much Thanks and Appreciation to EVERYONE who helped us out and a VERY Special Thanks to Mike Briguglio for tolerating us for 4 STRAIGHT DAYS in the Studio!!
One Love Brother!!

Moira, Darling has had the opportunity to share the stage with SO MANY Amazing Bands bands!! We cant list em' all but some include: Dead and Divine, Straight Reads The Line, The Holly Springs Disaster, Arise and Ruin, Farewell to Freeway, Means, Kathleen Turner Overdrive, Priestess, Cancer Bats and MANY more!!


Conception LP - 2009
Summer Sessions EP - 2011