The Mojave Collective

The Mojave Collective


Their music could be described as Alt-Country or Country Punk. The high-energy performance of the six members can be compared with the most animated punk bands, while the sense of melody; harmony, musicianship and song writing always remains intact.


Sweet Baby Jesus, it's The Mojave Collective!

Packing 21 grams of Parsons and a dusting of the Flying Burrito Brothers, Pountney, Clarke, Simpson, Murphy, Ireland, & Johnson come strolling into town like the Fabulous Furry Funk Brothers to preach the holy gospel of country, rock and acoustic beauty.

The Mojave Collective, four young men from the Deep South (of Liverpool), play American roots music with a British Pop sensibility.They are currently in the studio recording their debut LP, "Rust&Dust" released on the (Mayfield Label) and available from

From beautiful acoustic country-tinged ballads with lush 3 and 4-part harmonies to barnstorming, freewheeling rock ‘n’ roll, the Mojave Collective absorb, roll, smoke and then stomp on the doobie of all that is great in the Anglo-American tradition, playing like the Small Faces had spent time hanging out with The Band and The Stones in California in 1968 (which they may well have done – this band have never been overly fussed by little things like details when there’s rock and good lovin’ to be had).

With a line-up featuring guitars, pedal steel, piano, trumpet, samplers, banjo, harmonica, each member of the band is often heard comparing himself to a virtuoso player with whom he has no similarity whatsoever.

Thoroughly prepared to bribe, sleep and drink their way to the top of the shag pile, this is one band who know that there’s a real difference between irony and ironing, but they’re just too damn busy making good music to care what it is.

The Mojave Collective are currently busy doing what they are always busy doing; writing, playing, rehearsing, recording and thoroughly enjoying themselves in the manner of the fine upstanding gents their grandmothers of invention know them to be.


Rust and Dust (Debut LP)

Set List

1. What you Learnt
2. Simple Story
3. Hollywood Home
4. Monday Morning
5. The River
6. Blame It On Lorraine
7. Every thing Will Be Fine
8. Seventh Son
9. Birds Around

Extra Time.
9. California Style
10. Good Thing
11. Champagne Girl