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Ogden, Utah, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Ogden, Utah, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Rock





Mojave Nomads – “Creature Double Feature”
A Spill Exclusive Canadian Video Premiere

As the “Black Sheep” of the Utah Music Scene, Mojave Nomads are shaking things up in the region predominantly dominated by pop music culture. The band made their live debut on Halloween 2014, and recorded their EP Black Sheep at Indie/Folk artist Joshua James’ Willamette Mtn Studio a few months later. The success of Black Sheep led to spins on national indie radio stations, appearances on local news/radio outlets, and a number profile gigs including a Real Salt Lake Halftime performance as well as opening for national touring acts such as Highly Suspect, Smallpools, Run River North, James Supercave and Algiers.

Artist Quote

“I’d say our MO with this one was to do the best we could to capture the visuals and themes that the song was painting in our heads, and then let the tune itself take care the rest.” - spill magazine

"Milk Crate #112"

Mojave Nomads have that sense of musical brilliance that is unmistakable — “Creature Double Feature” is no exception. Step one was dumbfoundedness that you founded-them-edness. Step two is getting up out of your chair and dancing a jig. Killer guitar solo too. Hot Licks. Crushing tone. - Milk Crater

"Utah based group have a new single for us to indulge in."

tah based group Mojave Nomads have an electrifying new single for us to indulge in. “Create Double Feature” is a pulsing delight, that capitalizes on striking vocals, rhythmic percussion, and vivid story-telling. The result is a mind-blowing release that highlights the rush of attraction all the while identifying infatuation as a game of pursuit, we are invited to witness the chase.

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

We are Mojave Nomads, an Indie Alternative band from Ogden, Utah. Consisting of Tyler Harris, Colter Hill, Mason Hill, Bryton Bell and Cole Eisenhour.

Where did the new single come from?

We wrote Creature Double Feature a few months ago after being inspired by the 1980’s Tv show.

What other content is in the pipeline?

We are finishing up a new single right now and working on an EP that will be released next year.

What’s on the horizon for you?

Keep releasing music and going on tour spring/summer of 2017. - Purple Melon

"7 Rad Rock Singles – From Alt to Indie"

This alt-rock band out of Ogden, UT has a sound all their own. To mimic this sound, you should take a handful of NYC pop, toss in sassy falsetto, and mix it up in the garage. “Creature Double Feature” from Mojave Nomads has an angst-y energy that will burrow under your skin and force your limbs to move. Give the single a listen here and, if you dig the track, I suggest checking out Mojave Nomands’ debut, The Black Sheep EP, here. - Yab Yum

"New Music Alert: “Creature Double Feature” by Mojave Nomads"

Indie Rock meets Ogden, Utah and from that union come out the band to conquer the world, Mojave Nomads. Just listen to the unison perfection created by the guys, Tyler Harris and his unique voice and how reaches those high notes making it seem effortless. This young band are doing something that I am a big fan of, making sure that everything is of the highest quality (their website, their social media presence, their look and their music). When a band this young has the maturity to ensure all of that and create music that gives you hope in what the music world can still create. They are uniqueness personified and their sound is just the right sound that every festival needs. You don’t believe me? Just listen. - wolf in a suit

"This Ogden rock band might be young but their music is timeless."

A love for rock ‘n’ roll spurred the formation of Mojave Nomads. After attending a concert, lead singer Tyler Harris and guitarist Colter Hill thought, “Why can’t we do that? We love rock ‘n’ roll too!”

Drummer Cole Eisenhour had jammed with Colter back in high school and a call out on Twitter for a bassist brought in Bryton Bell. The summer of 2014 saw them writing songs together. Eventually they added Colter’s younger brother, Mason Hill, as synth player to complete their sound.

Last Halloween marked their first live show as a full band. In early June they released their first EP, “Black Sheep,” at Mojo’s in Ogden to a packed hometown crowd.

“We recorded pretty early in our music career,” says Cole. The songs are catchy, yet have their own unique electronic alternative rock vibe. Their sound favorably compares to bands such as The Doors, Neighborhood, Cage the Elephant and Rage Against the Machine, yet they still retain their own personal sound. “We let our influences shine through,” says Tyler.

Not ones to take a break, Mojave Nomads are heading straight back into the studio. They’ve been writing songs, yet admit they’re not quite sure what they’ll record. Cole explains, “We’ve been cooking four songs right now and have a couple more on the back burner that aren’t really hot yet.” A little more work will have them ready.

Persistence and hard work are quickly becoming their trademarks, gaining recognition as the cats from Ogden breaking into the booming local music scene. Their EP title is a nod to how they’ve felt about this experience. “I feel like we’re still fighting,” says Cole. Mojave Nomads has earned their place and embraced their differences by making them strengths.

What inspires them to keep making music? Colter dreams of being able to “Play music and not do anything else.” Tyler agrees and wants to wake up to writing music every day. A self -proclaimed expert at Guitar Hero, Bryton says he started playing music because, “Girls like it.” Yet Mason, the youngest at 15, apparently gets the most attention from girls.

Mojave Nomads is gaining attention from more than just young girls. Awarded the X96 Live & Local spotlight for March and recently playing at the Ogden Arts Festival, In the Venue, The Stereo Room, the Velour Battle of the Bands, Made in Utah Festival, X96 Battle for the BASH and more, they are certainly answering the question, “Why can’t we do that?” Their name, taken from words that “sounded good together in the dictionary” is one to watch for! - Utah Stories

"Mojave Nomad's First EP impressive and wild"

Wow, I was pleasantly surprised when I cued up Mojave Nomads’ first EP “Black Sheep.” Not because I didn’t think it wasn’t going to be a good listen, but because of the overall quality and tightness of the recordings blew me away.

Mojave Nomads is a young alternative rock quintet based in Ogden, with members who are about to enter high school this coming fall. The band is young in more ways than one, and has yet to be together for a year. The new EP is a collection of four songs that capture everything the band has been working on since it got together in October, 2014. - Standard Examiner

"X96 Live and Local Spotlight: Mojave Nomads"

This month X96 features one of Ogden's up-and-comers. - X96

"Mojave Nomads: Local Band Tries To “Live Off The Craft”"

Sitting at the local coffee shop, Jessie Jean’s Coffee Bean’s Homestyle Café in Roy, Utah, Gephardt Daily had the opportunity to speak with the up and coming band, Mojave Nomads.

Sitting in a circle of chairs the five guys would occasionally take time to laugh and reminisce about memories from shows and practice or simply just stop to give each other a hard time.

Mojave Nomads was officially complete in late October of 2014 with the addition of keyboard player, Mason Hill, 15. The group’s first show with the full band was at the popular music venue called Mojo’s in Ogden, Utah on Halloween night.

The band began with jam sessions between lead guitarist, Colter Hill, 20 and drummer, Cole Eisenhower, 21. Colter said that he first had the idea of forming a band at a Cage The Elephant concert. The opener for the show was a band called J. Roddy Walston and The Business, while watching them perform, Colter thought to himself, “They can do it, why can’t we do that?”

Tyler Harris, lead vocals, 18, said that he had bounced around band-to-band looking for the perfect fit. Bryton Bell, bass player, 21, joined the band after a long-time friendship with the other members and Mason was added to the band by being the little brother of Colter and contributing his skills with the keyboard.

The band plays indie rock music and the name Mojave Nomads was created after the group wrote down a bunch of words on a piece of paper looking to see what sounded best. “We thought it was a good fit, for the kind of music we play,” Harris said. “It’s different,” said Mason.

The music scene in Ogden isn’t ideal for indie artists like Mojave Nomads because it is a smaller area and the demographic is more for metal rock. The guys said that if they were all 21 that there might be more opportunities in the area but it’s more about who comes out to see the band. Mojave Nomads has begun playing shows further south in the Provo area where “people are more into it,” and there is “a lot more potential” for indie artists, Eisenhower said.

Mojave Nomads - Gephardt Daily
Courtesy of Mojave Nomads
Mojave Nomads has made appearances on Park City TV and recently was X96’s Live and Local Spotlight. The band has also won the first portion of the popular contest called Battle of the Bands and will continue on to the second round May 16th at the Venue in Salt Lake City. They said that these opportunities really validate the band and has helped them gain viewership.

When it comes to writing the songs the band says that it’s pretty collective. One of the members will bring an idea and then let it “blossom” from there. Another way that has been affective to write songs is to get together, “jam and record it. Listen back to it and pull out things we like,” Bell said. One other way is Harris will come forward with a vocal melody and the band will look at it as a rough draft and then go from there. The five members said that they are always working on their songs, tweaking and perfecting them.

They have begun recording at Joshua James’ Studio with Jordan Clark a member of a band called Vanladylove, who is now the Mojave Nomads’ sound engineer and producer of some songs. The band met Clark through mutual friends and by reaching out to him to have him hear their music, once he heard he was on board. Mojave Nomads plans to release their EP on iTunes and Soundcloud by summer of 2015.

The biggest goal of the band is to tour out-of-state during the summer and get their music to anyone and everyone. As for a long-term goal, “I want to be able to just make music, we don’t have to make it big, I just want to be able to just make music,” said Bell. “I would love to not do anything else,” said Colter. “Live off the craft,” said Harris. Eisenhower then chimed in and said “We’re gonna do it,” continuing on to say “I win, I kick ass,” while the rest of the band began to chuckle and say that Eisenhower’s mindset does sometimes help them out.

Money is always involved when it comes to making any sort of dream come true. It’s been expensive according to the guys but they do as much as they can to support the band. Among the five they said they all bring in what they can from outside jobs, then pointing to 15-year-old Mason saying “except this guy who doesn’t have any income,” and is currently a student at Sandridge Jr. High. “I feel like I work a job, just to support the band,” said Harris.

When asked which band they would want to open for, it was a split decision. With differing opinions Harris would want to open for Portugal the man, Bell wanting Kings of Leon, Mason with Alt-J, while Colter and Eisenhower would prefer Jack White.

Mojave Nomads has a bright future ahead of them; they plan to tour out of Utah this summer and continue playing shows in hopes to make a bigger name for themselves.

To see them yourself, stop by one of their shows listed below or check out their newest video. - Gephardt Daily

"Mojave Nomads"

(KUTV) Mojave Nomads were rocking out in studio. They're an alternative group from Roy.

Their debut EP, Black Sheep, was just released and is available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. - KUTV

"Interview with Mojave Nomads"


By Rick Perez

Sometimes a great band can emerge from the most unexpected place: forget New York, L.A., Austin, and Nashville. Hailing from the outskirts of Salt Lake City, Utah, the band Mojave Nomads are currently on the cusp of national and international stardom. With complex guitar solos and vocals that sound as good, if not better, live, the dudes of Mojave Nomads have created a mature version of rock and roll that gives their bigger city garage/psychedelic/punk counterparts a run for their money. Having one EP under their belt, playing countless shows, and gearing up for their next gig at the Sundance Film Festival, Mojave Nomads are just a beginning of their climb to success.

Check out BoC’s interview with Mojave Nomads, where they shared their influences on their upcoming EP, Salt Lake City’s music scene, and which box of cereal they would choose to be.

Mojave Nomads

Who is Mojave Nomads and what is your music all about?

Tyler Harris – ­Lead Vocals

Colter Hill ­- Lead Guitar

Bryton Bell ­- Bass

Cole Eisenhour -­ Drums

Mason Hill -­ Synth

Our music is about our lives and whatever we are thinking about at the time the song is written.

How did you all get together?

Mojave Nomads: Colter and Mason are brothers, Tyler lived next door to Mason and Colter grew up with them, Bryton and Cole were born a day apart in hospital rooms next door to each other. Colter met Bryton and Cole in school and brought us all together to form Mojave Nomads.

If each member was a box of cereal, what would you be and why?

Bryton : Cinnamon Life, cause he loves life

Tyler : Reese’s puffs, because they are my favorite

Colter : Captain Crunch, because he cuts the roof of people’s mouth

Mason : Fruity Pebbles. Cause he’s tasty

Cole : Cinnamon Almond Protein Cheerios, because they’re tasty and make him run fast.

Mojave Nomads is currently working on a new untitled EP. What is influencing the tracks this time around? Are these influences different from your previous EP, ​Black Sheep​?

Mojave Nomads: We have lots influences across the board for this new Record, and This record is a lot different than the first EP because we have started finding ourselves as songwriters and have become more honest with the music we are making.

What is the music scene like in the Salt Lake City, Utah area? How does the city impact your sound?

Mojave Nomads: The Music scene in Salt Lake City is very community centered, with everyone trying to help each other out, being surrounded by lots of very skilled musicians it’s easy to learn from other people. I think we definitely have SLC influences but I can’t actually pinpoint them.

I have 24 hours in SLC, what should I see and do?

Mojave Nomads: Go get some Philly Cheese Steaks at DP Cheesesteaks, go catch a local show at Kilby Court, go hit the sloops and hit the bars.

For each member, if you can jam with any musician alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Colter : Jack White

Bryton : Wu Tang

Mason : Danger Mouse

Tyler : John Gourley

Cole : Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age

What do you guys do when you aren’t playing or recording music?

Tyler : I try to play music as much as possible, but I also like to play Skyrim and go to the gym

Bryton: plays a lot of video games and outdoor activity

Mason: Nothing. He has no other talents

Cole : Running, School, and Art

Colter : Drink beer and think about life’s big questions.

What was the most exciting thing that happened to Mojave Nomads in 2015?

Mojave Nomads: Making our first Record with Joshua James.

What’s next for Mojave Nomads?

Put out a new record, continue building our fan base, play lots of shows. - Black on the Canvas

"Mojave Nomads"

(KUTV) Mojave Nomads, an alternative rock band from Ogden, performed on 2News This Morning.

Tyler Harris is on Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Colter Hill on Lead Guitar, Bryton Bell on Bass, Cole Eisenhour on Percussion and Mason Hill on Synth/Keys. - KUTV 2 News


On saute pendant tout le weekend sur le single de Mojave Nomads, GIRL

Mojave Nomads c’est 5 mecs de l’UTAH. Ils viennent de sortir GIRL. C’est une pop diablement efficace et addictive. Il te reste dans la tête. Tu peux l’écouter en bagnole, vitre ouverte, en criant le refrain. Ca m’arrive souvent en voiture, je chante. Les gens me regardent bizarrement au feu. Pas vous ? Et bien GIRL c’est vraiment le titre parfait pour cela. Et je vous le dis, il faut du talent pour faire un titre qui a la recette du tube qui reste dans la tête.

Sinon c’est extrait de leur prochain album après un premier EP très chatoyant.

Leur chaine soundcloud qui va bien.

mojave nomads MUSIQUE - anotherwhiskyformisterbukowski

"Local Utah band on the rise, the Mojave Nomads"

The Mojave Nomads performed their new single, "Girl" live in our studio. They have a few upcoming performances if you want to go check them out:

8/13 @ Alleged(Opening for James Supercave)
8/17 @ Ogden Amphitheater
8/31 @ USU Big Agg Show
9/03 @ Alleged(Headling)
9/09 @ Muse Music

You can find their music on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify or SoundCloud. Also make sure to check them out on their website, here. Or you can follow them on any of their social media pages. Facebook at Mojave Nomads or Instagram @mojavenomads and even on Snapchat at mojavenomads. - Fox 13 News

"Mojave Nomads performs on Fox 13’s Good Day Utah"

Mojave Nomads joined Fox 13's Good Day Utah Friday morning to share their musical talents. Watch the video above to hear the Alternative band from Ogden, Utah.

Upcoming shows:

Friday, October 14
WhySound Venue
30 Federal Ave. Logan, Utah
7 p.m.
Saturday, October 15
Pumpkin Bash
480 W 800 N Orem, Utah
11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
For more information, visit their website by clicking here. - Fox 13 Good Day Utah

"Spotlight: Mojave Nomads"

Mojave Nomads might just make some of the catchiest guitar music around. Their brand of rock sounds fresh, polished and layered, with synths and production effects adding much to the old guitar/drums/bass format. It’s not revolutionary, but that’s irrelevant, because the songs are brilliant.

The band feel like, as their EP title suggests, Black Sheep, somewhere in the middle ground of Utah’s power pop and underground scenes, a mix of inspirations and sounds. They’ve taken on a broad range of influences, being “raised on classic rock and 80’s music” but also having “Run the Jewels 3 on repeat since it came out” and even naming Kevin Parker and Mark Ronson as current influences, there’s somehow an almost British Indie vibe to their songs. Surprising, considering their previous “blues orientated” style, though they admit “we had no idea what the hell we were doing or where we wanted to go”.

Now, with promising hits-in-the-making like ‘Creature Double Feature’, ‘Talk of the Town’ or ‘GIRL’ under their belts, there’s more focus and excitement. They’re currently working on new material, which they are “very, very excited about.” “We have a long list of goals, we want to take our music as far as we can”, how far that will be remains to be seen, but if they keep going the way they are, they’ll be a band you’ll be hearing a lot more from in the future. - Born Music

"Talk of the Town by Mojave Nomads"

Another amazing track by the talented young band from Utah, the Mojave Nomads. With “Talk of the town” the guys keep on showing an excellent and maturing control of their craft. It honestly feels as if track after track they just keep on getting better, it is interesting and refreshing to find a band with that potential and that upward growth. Plus they have managed to create the perfect union of melodies for the unique and surreal vocals of lead Singer Tyler Harris to excel beautifully. - Indietude

"Chatterbox: Mojave Nomads"

Chatterbox: Mojave Nomads

Hey, could you tell us a bit about Mojave Nomads?

We are mojave nomads, an indie alt band from ogden utah. We all pretty much grew up with each other. We are comprised of Tyler Harris (vocals), Colter Hill (guitar), Mason Hill (Synth), Bryton Bell (Bass) and Cole Eisenhower (Drums). We are in the middle of a primarily pop dominated scene and are just trying to do things a little differently.

Where did the new single come from?

The new single comes from the idea of trying to do things differently. I believe if you are authentic and different, you’ll get noticed and become the “talk of the town”.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Yes! The rest of EP comes out March 30th!

What’s on the horizon for you?

We are playing SXSW this month and then continuing to tour The West Coast and the North West this spring! - Purple Melon

"The Matinee"

We’ve long mentioned that we are sticklers for cinematic songs, particularly those that could fit on the soundtracks of iconic films, such as Pretty In Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and The Breakfast Club. There really isn’t anything like the music of the ’80s, which had the perfect mix of idealistic storytelling and soundscapes that were simultaneously breathtaking and contagious. There are several, retro-inspired bands that have recently caught our attention, and another one to add to the list are Mojave Nomads.

Already an indie force within the Salt Lake City area and beyond, this young quintet is reintroducing the music we love to a new generation. Today, their new EP, Phases, is out, and from the record is its highlight, “Strange Love”. This song defines what weekends are for. It is a swimmingly uplifting song that will leave you gasping for a breath every few seconds. Memories of unbridled, youthful love filter through mind, and, as such, your chest begins to swell with the thought of what tonight, Saturday, and Sunday will bring. But there’s more to do this song, as it isn’t just about the love between two people but it’s a love affair with life. - The Revue


Black Sheep - released 2015



As the "Black Sheep" of the Utah Music Scene, Mojave Nomads are shaking things up in the region predominantly dominated by pop music culture. The band made their live debut on Halloween 2014, and recorded their EP "Black Sheep" at Indie/Folk artist Joshua James' Willamette Mtn Studio a few months later. The success of "Black Sheep" led to spins on national indie radio stations, appearances on local news/radio outlets, and a number profile gigs including a Real Salt Lake Halftime performance as well as opening for national touring acts such as Highly Suspect, The Dig, Kenny Holland, He is We, Smallpools, Run River North, James Supercave and Algiers.

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