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"BECAUSE I SAY, LIFE IS MERELY POETRY IN MOTION" Mojdeh's Rhythmic Folk Music and Slam Poetry will get your attention. Her writing is provocative; engaging questions about race, gender, and society. Despite the serious topics her nervous giggle and playful jokes make her performances pleasurable.


Mojdeh is a young and vibrant Folk/Groove rock musician from just outside of Chicago. She mostly incorporates a lot of folk, blues, jazz, and rock into her music.

She's on her way to the top already with her debut album "Before The Reckoning". On the album she is an amazing one woman band; not only singing and playing the guitar, but playing the drums and bass as well. This album, 4 of the 13 tracks are some of Mojdeh's slam poetry works.

Gauthier Health Care (Dr. Gauthier-> "Doctor to the Stars" Billboard Award 1999) is currently sponsoring the recording and mixing of Mojdeh's upcoming album, "The Recovery of Angels". Keep your eyes posted for the release date!

Please enjoy the streaming poetry available at



Written By: Mojdeh

[What is this heartache? What is this feeling I can’t shake?
Was it love, or was this thunder in my heart in vein?]

Home at about four
I turn the handle to watch it pour
Cleanse my body, cleans my soul
Clear my ballet baby, and watch me grow old

[Chorus 1]
{Was it love, or…(x2)…was it all in vein?}

I was thinking, how you said you loved me
And then you embraced me
Which got me to thinking some more
Wonderin, how could you say what you said
Right after we ate lunch together

[Chorus 1] {Chorus 2}

You stole my love
You stole my heart at first sight
And did you ever think that you would break me to pieces
Cuz I see the pride, ridin’ higher in your eyes
Yeah, I see the pride, ridin’ higher in your eyes

[Chorus 1] {Chorus 2}

The water didn’t fix me
No the water didn’t cleans my pain
But I guess this is what it feels like
To grow up again (x2)

E-Motion (poem)

Written By: Mojdeh

Because I say
Life is merely poetry in motion

Without punctuation,
There's no punctuality
And without verbs,
There's no feeling for place or reason

For in life we come to know,
There's no constant state of being
Existence is like a substance
It's a compound of, PAUSE, action, PAUSE
Semi-colon; REACTION, and think

Think about your rhyme, your reason
Your motivation to move on
In this Broadway experience called life
For really, that's what this is
A performance
Because so long as you stay in character
And abide to what has been set forth
You may end with a standing ovation

But at the same time, the same moment
We must step away from the script that was given
And fall deeply in love with the character that is you
So shape it, Mold it, let there be no restraints
The more conflict you uphold
The more strength you gain back

For isn't that why we're really chosen
For without strength we tend to stand back
And accept miniscule knowledge as a way of survival
"Ignorance is bliss" that's what you'd wish to say
But you're too tongue tied to admit it
So you're no longer center stage

What's wrong forgot your lines?
Forgot your lies?
Or is this where you claim innocence comes into play
Well calm yourself, because I'll tell you
Incense is tainted
Trapped and withered between righteousness and dutiful obedience

Is that what you'd like to be, obedient?
Cracked by the whip day to day
Well so be it, because it seems your path has been chosen
But when you're audience begins to taste your lack of reason
You'll find that you've lost your chance to have that righteous voice


"Anti-Biotics" - 2003 demo

"Before The Reckoning" - 2003 LP

"Thunder" - live 2004 single
"May We Just Let Go" - poem 2006 single
"I'm Bad" - a cappella 2006 single

"The Recovery of Angels" - forthcoming

Set List

Mojdeh plays mostly original music, with an occasional cover. She plays songs from both albums as well as songs that are incredibly new so that there’s always something fresh at each show. An average set for her is 30 or 45 minutes (9 songs & 4 poems), but she is capable of easily filling 2 hours and keeping her audience engaged. When solely performing poetry she performs 8 poem sets (20min).