Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Using an arsenal of funk-infused, danceable beats, radio friendly hooks and fun, inventive lyrics, Mojoceratops is aiming to save Philadelphia and then the whole world from the dull mediocrity that has pervaded our planet’s parties.


The quartet was formed in March of 2011 when long time musical comrades Jerome D'Agostino and Brent Penman met veteran producer, bassist Robert Felsted Jr. The next step was to add a super awesome villian guitarist who could crank out some overdriven purple volcano lightning over the groups tunes. This addition of Schweers finished the high-energy lineup.

With a modern, yet danceable sound, radio friendly hooks and playful lyrics, this is one project with serious traction from the start.

Influences include Rick James, Prince, George Clinton, LCD Soundsystem, Chromeo, James Brown, Herbie Hancock


First released single Partybot-9000 in June 2011. It has been featured on several Philadelphia radio stations and national blogs (including Cosmic Fragments -

Dino Dance Party - Full length album released in September, 2011