Mojo Depot

Mojo Depot

 Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

We are a cross between Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Earl Keen, Ravi Shankar, Django Reinhardt, Steely Dan, Taj Majal, Jeff Beck & The Band. We've been making music together since the early 80's. Mojo Depot is an experience which touches the soul!


·Mojo Depot began some two decades ago when Jason Adams (drums), Tyndall Jackson (guitar and vocals), Rob Moore (vocals and guitar) and John “Johnny-B” Wright (bass and vocals) got together under the name The Loose Change, performing at clubs that included the White Water Tavern. After a few years, the band moved to the Bay Area and then to Los Angeles, where a debut CD, Phantom Train, had its beginnings. A new name emerged, Mojo Depot, and the group traveled and wrote more music, which became the next CD, Crazy to Believe. For a time, the band was a coast-to-coast phenomenon, with Moore living in Berkeley, Calif., and Jackson attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Eventually, the two rejoined their Arkansas pals and began recording off-and-on in Arkansas City, where they could work in seclusion, away from the temptations of the big city of Little Rock. Like the “band of brothers” theyconsider themselves, Mojo Depot has opened shows for The Allman Brothers Band, The Neville Brothers and The Cate Brothers. Along with original songs, Mojo Depot performs selected material from The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, Taj Mahal and Robert Earl Keen. Mojo Depot offers a montage of musical styles reflecting a broad range of influences; the result is a great variety of flavorful music producing truly memorable audio and visual experiences. The band is made up of four lifetime colleagues forming an intriguing core group, attracting an ever-changing lineup of special guests while encouraging contributions to the creative process. A liberal approach to live and recorded music promotes and ensures a unique happening, whenever Mojo performs. Mojo Depot delivers over twenty years of collaborative effort evoking one of the tightest and most professional rock & roll shows on the road today. After spending six years in Los Angeles, the band returned to its roots in Little Rock, Arkansas. This vantage enabled Mojo to continue pursuing their dream of playing rock and roll since their formation in 1983. Mojo Depot released Crazy to Believe in 1999 following 1996's Phantom Train, their first commercial production. Crazy to Believe incorporates the creative use of such instruments as the violin, flute, harmonica, steel guitar, and sitar. Mojo Depot is currently embarked on the exciting You Can't Get Rid Of Us! tour. The band is committed to touring with special guests as often as possible. This enriches the tapestry of this unique musical EXPERIENCE. Mojo Depot notifies essential media before gigs, conducts mail outs, and provides promotional material.


Quiting in the Morning

Written By: Rob Moore

my daddy jumped out of airplanes and i always thought that sounded insane
yet here i am doing the things i do
i like to party in the morning and play guitar all night
and it's hard to catch me telling the truth

so i'm quitting in the morning - tomorrow mixes dawn
and the big time things that need a little to do
tomorrow calls for clarity not this aimless floundering
so let's just do one more before we go

i wronged the ones i love-- ships, i righted nary a one
stumbled over rose petals laid
to the bottle i sit next to alongside a bayou
that commemorates my family name

feel it's all been wrong--- start to hear it in the song
wondering what the struggle was for
living a life of crime thieving peace of mind
feel like time for one last score


Phantom Train
Crazy To Believe

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Set List

Phantom Train
Can't Hang On To Nothing
Johnny Too Bad (Taj Mahal)
You Old Devil
Repeat Offender
Mystic Man
Sympathy For The Devil (Rolling Stones)
The Party Never Ends (Robert Earl Keen)
Fine Things
Dog On The Road
Althea (Grateful Dead)
Close the Window
Quiting In The Morning
Time To Go
Tell Your Mamma