We play music that means something to us and hopefully it will rub off on anyone who comes across our band. Sometimes we like things to be heavy, other times we prefer them light. We feel our music is based on : groove, melody, honesty, energy and positivity.


‘mojoFURY’. It’s not Austin Powers' pet name for his raging libido, rather it's the perfect moniker for the feisty, frisky rock of three Lisburn lads. Three is the magic number for the mojoFURY trio, their devastating sonic trident of bass, guitar and drums annihilating audiences, and now as they approach their third anniversary they’re ready to take things up a level.

To date, the band have toured all over the country and supported the likes of Biffy Clyro, Forward Russia, Hell Is For Heroes and The Cooper Temple Clause. They ahave also played the Glasgowbury Festival for the 4th year running.

In the live setting, the Neanderthal tendencies come to the fore, mojoFURY serving their audiences blood-raw rock. Their music touches on some pre-programmed, primordial pleasure zones, they go straight for the listener’s heart and not always delicately. Nevertheless there are the odd, fragile moments, a cover of The Beatles' 'Come Together', for example, providing anaesthesia. Then there are the lyrics. They can be unusually sensitive, displaying a sense of empathy not heard since Lou Reed took a walk on the wild side.

The band have a new EP on the way. The wonderfully titled ‘Travelling Hours of the Travelling Circus’ promises to be one of the most interesting NI releases of the year, a release with the potential to surprise quite a few and win copious new converts to the mojoFURY sound. Nearing completion, the forthcoming five-tracker threatens to be the most rounded and satisfying recorded encapsulation of mojoFURY to date. Intriguing and also, hopefully, a significant release for mojoFURY, if the fates align just so, then maybe ‘Visiting Hours... ’ will help them take the leap their riotous rock so richly deserves.


2004 - CD - 3 Tracks (Received local/college airplay)

2006 - Demo - 3 Tracks (Received local/college airplay)

2007 - Set to release new 5 Track EP 'Visiting Hours Of A Travelling Circus' (demoes have been played on local/college radio as well as BBC Radio1 Northern Ireland)

Set List

We like our set to be tight, interesting and energetic. When we are playing as support to other bands, we like to keep the set snappy and in your face. When we headline our own shows, we feel we can experiment more and have plenty of ups and downs within in the music.

Our current set list for shows is :

The Man
Shootin For A Livin
Deep Fish Tank [factory settings]
Kill Cock Robin
Consonant Please Carol
Pretend We're Not Robots
Pill Pigeon Is An Orange Wheel
What A Secret

We have also tried our hand with an interpretation of 'Come Together' by The Beatles.