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"TBMC - Dublin '06 - Supporting 'mike got spiked'"

Gigsmart presents a night of Irish music with a twist: most of the bands tonight are home for Christmas. Nordie noise-merchants Mojo Fury are first to hit the stage with their… unique brand of… difficult to classify music. Still, this act hijacks attention: evoking bands like Biffy Clyro and The Bronx, the group’s off-kilter take on rock and roll reanimates a dying scene. A last minute addition to the line-up, the performance starts shaky but comes together for the second half. Thoroughly enjoyable, mojo and fury proven, they’re a serendipitous start to the festive season. - Gigsmart

"Supporting Hell Is For Heroes - Belfast '06"

Lisburn alt-rockers Mojo Fury have the formidable task of following this. Fortunately there aren’t many bands better versed in thumping out a powerful loud set in a familiar venue and the confidence of playing in front of friends and fans alike is clear. Mike plays drums and hurls lyrics at an impressed looking crowd. When they first burst onto the scene they were simply that band with the singing drummer. Tonight is something of a coming of age for Mojo Fury as we’re able to take note of some well crafted tunes, added backing vocals and expert musicianship.


"Culture Northern Ireland"

Inhabiting the hinterland between Nirvana and The Beatles, mojoFURY veer vigorously between the tuneful and the abrasive, revelling alternately in dissonance and melody. When they play tough, they play very tough indeed, their speaker-shredding sonic escapades making them one of our most pleasingly volatile live draws. However, whispers from their latest studio foray suggest mojoFURY have added yet another string to their bow, deploying new instruments and techniques in their increasingly expansive rockscapes. Their forthcoming EP promises to be one of the year’s most intriguing releases.
- Francis Jones

"Demo Review '05"

Mojo Fury EP

Unbridled guitar, brute drum and coarse, snarling vocal, this 3-track from Mojo Fury is a volatile concoction. Two and three minute bursts of galvanizing punk-rock, the sound is lean and sinewy throughout. Propelled by dense, driving rhythms, opening track, ‘The Man’, creates an atmosphere that flits between emboldened defiance and nerve-jangling, twitchy paranoia.

‘Pretend We’re Not Robots’ is an intensely cathartic session of rock and roll therapy. The plaintive tenderness and ache in the verse providing delicate counterpoise to the enraged, vexation evident in the chorus. However, good as these first two tracks are, it is ‘Shootin For A Livin’ that really grabs the attention.

The opening chords are captivatingly sleazy, think the Stooges or MC5 at their slumming it, lowlife best. However, a searingly astute lyric ensures this is more than a mere gutter-rock jaunt. Like the myriad other sons-of Nirvana, bands such as Vines, and more recently, Nine Black Alps, what Mojo Fury have achieved here is not hugely innovative. But, perhaps that’s asking too much at this early stage. On the basis of this 3-track it is clear that Mojo Fury have the talent and sheer temerity to progress and finesse their sound into something more distinctly their own.


"Supporting The Cooper Temple Clause - Belfast '06"

Before the Sactuary-signed Wokingham five-piece get started, however, there is a support slot to fill, and this comes courtesy of mojoFURY, the Belfast-based three piece. Since their inception in 2004 mojoFURY has supported some pretty sizeable names, and it's plain to see why.

They've managed to fuse catchy guitar riffs reminiscent of bands like At The Drive In and The Mars Volta with grungy basslines evocative of Nirvana; all to time signatures as intricate and irregular as something penned by Simon Neale. And they've done it well.

There's little time for niceties tonight. After Lyttle offers a nonchalant "What's the craic?", it's straight into a whirlwind set which lasts little more than a half hour, playing a mixture of new tunes like Pill Pigeon with older material like Pretend We're Not Robots. The set closes with the jaw-dropping What A Secret, by which time mojoFURY have drawn a considerable number of the wall-hugging scene kids to the front of the stage. Northern Ireland hasn't seen a band which plays with such volatility and conviction since Therapy? Anyone who says a drummer cannot front a band is mistaken. It works. In the words of Lemar, if there's any justice in the world, mojoFURY won't remain unsigned for too much longer.


"Supporting Oppenheimer/In Case Of Fire - Belfast '06"

Support for these bands came from up-for-it youngsters Mojo Fury. These guys are cited as local sex symbols and the fact that all the young girls standing at the front seemed to know the names of all the band members and frequently declared their love for each one loudly during the set seemed to be testament to this. The older [i.e. 18 and over] members of the audience were bemused by this and stood at the back, preferring to focus on the music, and it’s good! The drummer Mike Mormecha delivers the vocals which are earnest and plaintive and are slightly reminiscent of Kurt Cobain. The driving guitars and thrashing drums that never let up are also Nirvana-esque, with a little classic rock thrown in for good measure which was showcased in their kick off song, the hilariously titled “Deep Fish Tank”. The repeated refrain “Thank you very much” from the last song is still stuck in my head which can only be a good thing! Mojo Fury are currently unsigned but have a new EP in the pipeline, hopefully to be released in February.


2004 - CD - 3 Tracks (Received local/college airplay)

2006 - Demo - 3 Tracks (Received local/college airplay)

2007 - Set to release new 5 Track EP 'Visiting Hours Of A Travelling Circus' (demo's have been played on local/college radio as well as BBC Radio1 Northern Ireland)



From Ireland...'mojoFURY'. It's not Austin Powers' pet name for his raging libido, rather it's the perfect moniker for the feisty, frisky rock of three Irish lads. Three is the magic number for the mojoFURY trio, their devastating sonic trident of bass, guitar and drums annihilating audiences, and now as they approach their third anniversary they're ready to take things up a level.

To date, the band have toured all over the country and supported the likes of Biffy Clyro, Forward Russia, Hell Is For Heroes and The Cooper Temple Clause. They ahave also played the Glasgowbury Festival for the 4th year running.

In the live setting, the Neanderthal tendencies come to the fore, mojoFURY serving their audiences blood-raw rock. Their music touches on some pre-programmed, primordial pleasure zones, they go straight for the listener's heart and not always delicately. Nevertheless there are the odd, fragile moments, a cover of The Beatles' 'Come Together', for example, providing anaesthesia. Then there are the lyrics. They can be unusually sensitive, displaying a sense of empathy not heard since Lou Reed took a walk on the wild side.

The band have a new EP on the way. The wonderfully titled 'Travelling Hours of the Travelling Circus' promises to be one of the most interesting NI releases of the year, a release with the potential to surprise quite a few and win copious new converts to the mojoFURY sound. Nearing completion, the forthcoming five-tracker threatens to be the most rounded and satisfying recorded encapsulation of mojoFURY to date. Intriguing and also, hopefully, a significant release for mojoFURY, if the fates align just so, then maybe 'Visiting Hours... ' will help them take the leap their riotous rock so richly deserves.