Traditional Irish and Scottish music played with energy, soul and originality!! Power, excitement and subtlety!


Mojo => Magic.

Any musician will tell you that they know when something has more than the sum of its parts. Sometimes there just, magic, power... So it is with MojoKelt...

Formed out of an abortive attempt to create an Irish music supergroup, the members quickly realised that there was something special in this combination of four musicians - Adrian and Paul steeped in a Traditional Irish and Scottish music background, Brendan a rock drummer and singer/songwriter Tom, whose background includes years in alt rock bands, as well as world music group Zarb. Tom has also worked alongside such figures as Graham Gouldman (10cc) and Iain Archer (Snow Patrol) and is a highly respected songwriter in his own right.

Influences for this band reach back to Irish legends Planxty, the Bothy Band, Christy Moore, Moving Hearts and Lunasa; rock and pop elements such as Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles will always creep in, however, and serve to add spice to the heady mix of traditional and modern music.

A following grew very quickly and MojoKelt has recently toured Norway to astonished audience responses: "The best band we've ever had!" claimed one promoter!

The band have just released their debut CD "MojoKelt - Live at the Grange". Recorded live, it uses no studio trickery, minimal overdubs (all vocals were cut live but Tom Overdubbed bass on one track) and represents the true sound of the "Mojo"!

Plans for 2007 include more recording, the release of a DVD and live performances as far apart as New York and Ghana!


MojoKelt - Live at the Grange: Voodubh Records VooCD01. Availble from CD Baby:

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Set List

MojoKelt can perform anywhere from 45 minutes to a 3 - hour show playing traditional Irish and Scottish tunes and songs alongside original compositions.