To call them a hard rock band doesn't quite do them justice. Heavy, funky, abrasively smooth, thunderously soft, somber and lighthearted.......the music of MojoMilitia reflects the myriad spectrum of human thoughts and emotions. They abduct the listener with a sound that is everything except dull.

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For information on MojoMilitia, or to hear some of their songs, you (or anyone that looks like you) are welcome to visit us at our website.......

Set List

MojoMilitia is a constantly morphing, evolving, writing powerhouse. Currently, 60 minutes of original music has been our main focus at this point. Our current songs are:
1. (Halle)Lucinate 2.Reverse 3. Oklamonia
4. South Texas Death Ride 5. Blissfully Unaware
6. Must 7. Rims Since Then 8.HighBinder
9. Tenesmus/Crepitus 10. Chocolate Covered