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Z 104.5's "Home Groan" has been playing a track of ours for years now: Chocolate Covered



Todd & I started playing in the same band together years ago, (let's say..1993?) we were all INTO (masochistic) a sort of, "strict" schedule that demanded a daily "presence". This requirement turned into an identity. One that has never left me, or Todd. As we grew closer as a band/unit, our ambitions grew as well...Soon enough, drama ensued. But, we were each others family for those years, & looking back now, it was necessary in order for our rehearsal sessions to be recordable/usable sessions & to achieve a few of our goals. As time went on, we were Superman Marshmello, then Atomic Supermen. We were in the throes of alcohol fueled rages of overwhelming sound fury, while all living as roomates, in the same place where we recorded. Every nite @ 6 O'clock 'cept Sundays & certain Holidays. As one might expect such endeavors require all the patience in the world which eventually runs out..Moving quickly along the timeline...Todd & I never lost touch & when I returned from a disasterous trip out west..BADA-BOOM! Todd wanted to play again, got together a group of people to jockey for position, & I am soo competitive! I successfully won my bid for token girl bass player! And, along with Corey "Longburn" we started coming up with some stuff that felt right, again. Between Corey's fresh enthusiasm & Todd's & my brazenly jaded experiences, (cynicism) although not our expectations, our perspective makes a tasteful matchup! We began writing original songs together in Spring 2004 & performed at Exit 6C, Torchy's and Battle of the Bands showcases put on by Gorilla Productions. Recording and mixing down our rehearsals as "live" sets, is something of an idea that has been carried forth & passed on as a torch, possibly as a token symbol to our shared reverence of the hallowed path we've chosen, now together. Recording has become a part of every session. Currently, we're using Cubase 4.0. Had our acoustics issues, but tackling those concerns has been my & Todd's uniting endeavor. It has exploded into a full blown quasi-professional undertaking, one of exorbitant expense & frustration. But worth every moment & dollar of investment. While some may not fully appreciate the measure of time & energy we invest, everything seems to come together during a recording session. Corey brings life to a shared passion & is very easy to work with, not too egotistical. (just enough, haha!) His fresh ideas always bring contentment to our hungry, disparaged hopeful expectations. Expectations that were driven into our heads from our time spent previous, when we were let down by the murder of our shared identities, in Atomic Supermen. Our spatially expanding, metaphysically raw to the whorecore, pleasantly naive yet undeniably genuine, impassioned excitement, paired with our comfortable yet unpresumptuous approach, is understandably infectious. Liken to a virus, (or Lichen to a virus, whichever you prefer) rendering its host into a hypnotic, and constantly evolving creature, if you will, exuding & breathing melody. Harmoniously receptive to change, as long as change doesn't become unoriginal or branded. We are absolutely unique, in our approach to rock, our model for business and the way we write/rehearse. Music, First. Everything else, Second. Period.