mojo monkeys

mojo monkeys


Mojo Monkeys are a stunningly great band, at once profound and funny, with provocative lyrics, stellar musicianship, and danceable grooves straight out of New Orleans, the cradle of American music.


mojo monkeys... a labor of love
A band of 3 musicians who have backed up such notables as Lucinda Williams, Keith Richards, Norah Jones, Dwight Yoakum, Bonnie Raitt, June Carter Cash, Mike Ness, Eric Burdon, Steve Earle, Michelle Shocked, Richard Thompson, and so many more. These are stellar players, each with his own unique style that collide lovingly in mojo monkeys to create a musical gumbo, deeply rooted in the Louisiana bayou, but eclectic and and fearlessly adventurous. Their songs are soulful and authentic, with funny, provocative lyrics, and grooves that make you want to jump up and do the boogaloo. This is a project that comes out of their love for the music, and it shows.



Written By: david raven

you can hang when the game gets rough
you can hang, i know you think you're tough
you can hang with the thugs and thieves
you can hang like a side of beef

but you don't know when to bail
you got to know when to bail
just go on home

you can hang when it all gets too deep
you can hang with the slaughterhouse sheep
you can hang till the bottle's gone
yeah, i know you can hold your own

but you don't know when to bail
you got to know when to bail
you to throw down, get out of jail
just go on home

i know you've got your reasons why you do the things you do
we've all got something that we think we have to prove

you can hang on your old rugged cross
you can hang till you can't get off
you can hang till the fire burns cold
go on, hang out your big raw soul
you can hang by your nails and toes
you can fall with the dominoes
or you can go on home


songs from "hang," the mojo monkeys debut lp, have been on indie 103.1, and many movies and tv shows. selections can be heard at:
watch for their new full length cd "blessings and curses" coming january, 2009.

Set List

circuit rider
eye of the sun
fine woman
god's home number
sugar britches
mojo man