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Middle Aged Angry Young Men

..The band Mo'Jones (the Netherlands), will continue as a trio: Mo'Jones on vocals and bass, Skinnie Jones on guitar and vocals and Philip Kerkhofs on drums. The three of them will record the third MoJones-album live in the studio, in march. Skinnie Jones wrote another thirteen songs (!), that steer this band in a total new direction. thirteen tight and rowdy songs that dont last any longer than three minutes each. No dragging ballads, no guitarsolos or whatever-solos, but a strong musical collective that speeds up every song to a breathtaking finish. The sound of the new cd, with the temporary title Middle-aged angry young men, is gonna be rough. .."Most bands in the business start rough, to become more sophisticated and polished during their career. Our band goes just the other way round..", smiles Skinnie Jones. The songs are about middle-aged men who evaluate their life so far. And the outcome of that evaluation is mainly anger. .."All hopes and ideals from our youth are gone ..", says Skinnie Jones. Plagued bij Weltschmerz the trio releases a lot of pressure about a world gone wrong: a world of heartlessness, disappointment and treachery. While doing that they are not sparing themselves. In the song My lifes about MoJones sings crystal clear: .."Cause I dont know anymore, what my lifes about..." .."I dont believe in anything anymore..", admits Skinnie Jones. .."I even have to try hard to believe in my own lyrics..." Those lyrics are asthonishingly simple and minimalistic. Why use a lot of words if few words will do? The song Hey you might go down in history as the most minimalistic song ever written, but that doesnt mean the song has nothing to say. The music swings and pushes, as we by now may expect from Mo'Jones. But as a trio, this band sounds more compact than ever. The songs pass by as a train at full-speed. A cd with thirteen racing, bouncing and sometimes hilarious tracks must be a downright crazy album.

Brief History

MoJones was born in the suburbs of a little town in the south of Holland. As a kid he carried intstruments around the house all day singing songs he heard on the radio. He left school at sixteen to play in different bands. He became the singer/ hammondplayer of bands such as Via Via, The Winners and Red Blood. Most of the time he was on the road touring Holland, Germany and Belgium. In 2000 he was asked to write the music for a Belgium motion picture. Together with his brother Skinnie he withdrue in a monastary to get the job done. By the time they where ready, the brothers had finished a crazy amount of sixty songs. The best songs where selected for his funky debut album Strong Man (released june 2002), which was well received by the press and musiclovers. Several songs of that album reached the playlists of national radiostations and Where The Sun Stopped Shining climbed to number 31 in the Top 100, getting Mo and his band several TV appearances, and a live performance on the prestigious North Sea Jazz festival. Being an all musiclover Mo is, it wasnt really a surprise that the follow up album would be different. And different it is. No soul or funk this time, but rock. My World (released nov. 2005) contains 11 songs which where recorded both in an A-Class studio and in his bedroom (the leadvocals where done at home), with a simple instrument line-up. Only guitars, bass and drums. Mo thought himself to play the bass and does so on the album, the guitars where done by Skinnie (who wrote most of the songs), all the additional guitars where done by Leendert Haaksma (live on stage Roy Tokaya is the gitarist!) and the drums are played by Belgium drummer Philip Kerkhofs. After hearing My World Pinkpop boss Jan Smeets contracted the band for the Pinkpop festival, edition 2006 and L1 Television chose the band being Best Liveact of 2005 .. ..