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On MOJO RIB's Debut Album (2005):

"Great songs, great fun, 100% Rawk ‘n Fuckin’ Roll."

**Voted One of KNAC's Top 10 Albums of The Year** -

"...Simplistic, stomping rock ‘n roll riffs with fiery histrionics and a
stadium-rock sheen … Think prime AC/DC meeting Roth-era
Van Halen … Rock gods-in-waiting.” - KERRANG!

“What can you say about Mojo Rib?
They’re younger than AC/DC, harder than
Guns 'n Roses, cooler than The Darkness
and have more classic tunes than a Tower
Records warehouse -- in other words they
just kick arse. Get into them now, because
they’re going to be as huge as it’s possible
to get.”
– Andii Wax, -

Mojo Rib return with a solid follow up to a stellar debut. Jay and company release full throttle rock and roll with a good time party groove.

Jay's distinct and energetic vocals are one of the first things you will notice about the band. He has a bit of early DLR mixed with Bon Scott, add in a slight rasp in places, and that's Jay. The songs here are simple and riff heavy, like rock music should be. The lyrics are not political or out to make a real statement, they are just about life and having fun, and sometimes a bit meaningless.

Tracks like "Payback For The Mudshark", "Tectonic" and "Lucky In The Order" are just a few of the standouts on this fantastic album. If you are looking for ballads or acoustic love songs, this ain't the album for you. Mojo Rib are a hard hitting rock band. It's only going to be a short time before these guys become huge. This is a must own disc. One of the year's finer releases. -


IN FOR SIN (2007)
MOJO RIB (2005)



"Rock 'n roll has been in need of a triple-bypass for about ten years," says Mojo Rib lead singer Jay Sosnicki, "And we're the guys holding the scalpel."

Damn straight. Mojo Rib's music is rock 'n roll the way it was meant to be played: high octane and 100% irony-free. Imagine the bastard child of AC/DC, Van Halen and Evel Knieval, and you'll begin to get the picture...

One of Los Angeles' most exciting draws, the Rib continues to win new converts daily with its driving, anthemic music and nitro fuel-injected stage shows. “The name Mojo Rib describes what we do perfectly,” says Sosnicki, “Part magic, part junk food. A tailgate party for the ears!”

Featuring Sosnicki on vocals, Joe Favazza & Stephen Fahlsing on guitars, Michael White on bass, and dangerous Don McCurdy on drums, the Rib is a classic five-piece lineup that speaks loud and clear to the hard rock fan of 2008; check out their latest release, IN FOR SIN (2007) and see why Kerrang! magazine has hailed them "rock-Gods-in-waiting."

"The records kicks ass, but the live show is where it all happens," says Sosnicki, "What we do is like the most ballzout keg party you'll ever see. And the whole neighborhood is invited."

Are you ready to believe in rock ‘n roll again?

Then dig into the mighty Mojo Rib!

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