Mojo Rizin

Mojo Rizin

 Loveland, Ohio, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Mojo Rizin is a group of verteran rockers laying down the vibe with killer grooves, multi-layered harmonies, smokin' guitar, diverse arrangements, and songs with hooks you cannot get out of your head...a must see live. Quite simply, the rebirth of Rock 'N' Roll.


Chris Will

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keybords, Banjo, Mandolin, Drum Programming

Chris started rockin early with the influence of his brother, Grammy nominated Producer/Engineer/Mixer Rick Will. Growing up listening to all flavors of music, Chris became a huge fan Jimmy Page, and Edward Van Halen, which led Chris to teach himself how to play guitar. Having played in various bands including Bad JuJu in Detroit, Chris returned to Cincinnati to form Mojo Rizin' with his life long friend Tim Ramos. Chris got inspired in 2009 to start recording his own music, which led to the release of Mojo Rizin's first two records, Keep On Rizin' and Brass Pole. Chris' guitar playing and songwriting is the driving force behind Mojo Rizin'.

Tim Ramos

Vocals, Congas, Percussion, Drums, Bass, Acoustic Guitar

Tim too started rockin early with the influence of his brother Dave Ramos, an accomplished graduate of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, who formed Cincinnati's Midnight On Vine, and currently the Bassist for Blessid Union Of Souls. Growing up listening to all flavors of music as well, Tim started by teaching himself guitar, and later tought himself Bass, Drums, and Percussion. Tim's passion for music is enormous, which is evident in the energy of his live performance. Tim puts the Mojo in the Mojo Rizin'.

Jim Murphy

Drums, Vocals

Jim was born In New York and raised in Cincinnati, Jim has 20 years of live experience playing with bands like The Imaginary Blues Band, Pubdog and Mike Sizemore. Jim comes from the school of John Bonham with hard driving beats and style giving Mojo Rizin the power and groove its known for. A must see live!!!!

Randy Von Moll

Bass, Vocals

Randy has been rockin' the bass for over 30 years playing in numerous bands in the Cincinnati area. Randy's passion for rock and for music is evident in live stage performances. Randy developed his hard driving thunder bass style during his years in the regional touring band Pyramid. Randy’s earliest and continued motivation in bass guitar mastery are Jack Bruce, Chris Squire, and Geddy Lee, among many others.

Eric Lefebvre


Eric is a graduate of the Guitar Institute of Technology has been rockin' on guitar for 30 years playing in various bands in Cincinnati. Eric brings complimentary layers of guitar to the Mojo mix along with a fun rocking attitude.

Dennis Cossens


Dennis has been playing keyboards for over 30 years and comes fromthe old school of rock Keyboard. His stage presence on the keys can be felt from the back row.


Mojo Rizin - Keep On Rizin'
Mojo Rizin - Brass Pole
Mojo Rizin - Hat Trick

Set List

1. Adrenaline
2. Another Second Chance
3. Frienemy
4. I’ve Had Enough
5. Bad Juju
6. When I Get Back Home To You
7. Better Not F#KK With Me
8. Since You Said Goodbye
9. Hit The Road
10. Regrets
11. I Can’t Read Your Mind
12. High Street Shuffle
13. She Said
14. What Goes Around Comes Around
15. Waiting For You
16. Until We Meet Again
17. Stay The Night
18. Someday I’ll Be There For You
19. What Have We Done
20. Do You Wanna Party
21. Lay It On The Line
22. Infatuation
23. Take Another Dollar
24. Take Me To The Other Side
25. Gameday
26. Brass Pole
27. Run For Your Life
28. Can't Find My Way