Mojo Stone

Mojo Stone

 Los Angeles, California, USA

It's hard to speak about our music. We express it best when we're sharing it with other people. Mojo Stone is all about the live show, creating a mood with the people that have come out to see us. Our souls rest in hard-hitting rock n' roll, with elements of the blues and folk sprinkled in.


The soulful/psychedelic trip continues as Mojo Stone . Harnessing and re-contextualizing elements of folk-rock, rockabilly and soul in the service of a full-frontal rock assault, the group's incendiary live show has entertained audiences in venues across the country; from Oakland to Manhattan, Los Angeles to Nashville.
“We’ve built this band literally from the ground up and learned a lot from doing it on our own,” says lead vocalist, Natalie Meadors. “We’re a part of a very special generation of musicians that don’t need a label to evolve. We've been able to evolve primarily through our live experience, creating a dialogue with our audience--fine-tuning our ears to what feels good to us and our family of fans.”
Refreshing independence aside, this L.A. based-band has an impressive track record, finishing a month-long southern tour in 2011promoting their first E.P., Hatchet, a sold-out record release show at Silverlake’s Bootleg Theater this past March, as well as a brand-new sophomore E.P., Strange Honey, produced by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros sound engineer, Matt Linesch. Such accomplishments landed them as The Deli Magazine’s L.A. artists of the month this past February.
Despite the band’s accomplishments off-stage, their live show proves to be their crown jewel, with incendiary performances reminiscent of the Rolling Stones and Jefferson Airplane. Don’t miss out on the experience. Visit for tour updates and other news.


Mojo Stone "Hatchet" (2011)

"Strange Honey" (2012)