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Red Hot Music from the Louisiana Bayous
The mos' fun y'all can have wit' clothes on!!!


“MOJO makes people HAPPY! AMERICA NEEDS MOJO NOW more than ever!”
Myra Eder, Editor Emeritus, The Star
“When Mojo moves in the place ROCKS!" Chicago Tribune
“Chicagoland's "Best show of 2002"!" The Star
"We love their music. Check 'em out, Everybody!" FOX TV
"I love Mojo's music! " Wolfman Jack, Rock & Roll Legend
"...a gift from God!" Buckwheat Zydeco
"Make no mistake about it! Put on his CD or walk into one of his live
performances, and Mojo's gonna git you! Myra Eder, First Look Magazine
"As the night raced on, there were standing ovations...
The full-house audience fell in love!"The Herald-News
“Mojo is the best Cajun and Zydeco performer I have ever seen.
His charisma exudes from the stage. Mojo was mesmerizing!”
Donna Thibodeaux, CFMA Award winner
“When Mojo and the Bayou Gypsies played our venue I had to pick my jaw up off the ground when our extremely reserved audiences leapt from their seats to boogie not once but for the whole evening. I smiled for days.” Christina Bellows, Whiting Auditorium
"Mojo is MISTER Zydeco!" Lonnie Brooks, Blues Legend
“My favorite memory of Mojo & the Bayou Gypsies is when they played the Strand. The atmosphere was like a movie, the place was packed. They were on fire - they spun played off each other and worked the crowd into a frenzy. Truly amazing!”
Luann Grosscup, Chicago Tribune
"Awesome!...Blowin' the pipes out!" Kevin Matthews, WCKG
"Mojo works the audience into a frenzy!" Ken Scott, WDCB-FM
"The joy of Cajun Life and the spice of Gumbo
flow through the veins of their music!" Jim Post, R&R Hall of Famer
"For thrill seekers EVERYWHERE!" The Times
“Mojo is more than just a show. He's an experience!" K Paule Pachter, ZydecoRoad
"Mojo Mania...Zydeco Masters" Spotlight Magazine
“You guys ROCK!!!! Absolutely, positively, unconditionally!”
Cedric Benoit, Inductee, Louisiana Music Hall of Fame
"Mojo has the love, heart and soul of the Bayou...
you'll be transported to Cajun Country!" Q101-FM
“ripsnorting Cajun-zydeco party music” The Daily Herald
"STUNNING!" Zydeco Road
"My pleasure to play Mojo cause it rocks!" Bill Boelens, Dirty Rice
"This outstanding musician... is turning the World into a Cajun-country Party!"CLTV
"... an incendiary live show..." In The Mix
"... a Wild Live Party Band..." Blues Access
"The changes of pace...keep the band's energy from becoming exhausting!" Offbeat
"We love Mojo's work! We have nine of his songs on our regular playlist!" KBON-FM
"Whoee...Mojo gets the toes a tappin', the fingers a snappin'
and the rumps a-movin'." KZUM-FM
The Red Oak audience was thrilled with your performance. In fact, your photo is on the front page of the paper with the headline: "MOJO takes over Red Oak!"
Lana White, Performing Arts & Education Assn of Southwest Iowa
"Mojo unleashes more energy than Wayne Toups and Doug Kershaw combined...
led by the high priest Mojo whipping the congregation into a frenzy...
Very few ever match the unbridled energy " InTune - Multiple Sources


Madame Magique, 2004
Rock The House Tonight!, 2002
MOJO Gonna Git' Ya!, 2000
Red Hot MOJO, 1998
Ma Cher Catin, 1994
Whoa! Zydeco, 1994
The Bayou Gypsies, 1991



See online video of MOJO's PBS-TV Soundstage Performance at

MOJO (Cajun/Zydeco Accordion and Vocals)
Mojo, leader of the Bayou Gypsies, has been performing for over forty years, and from the way he moves, it's obvious that he's still excited about what he's doing. Mojo is the vocalist, accordion player, songwriter, and father figure for MOJO & The Bayou Gypsies. Internationally known for his work, Mojo has performed across America and Canada, and is a truly charismatic performer.

Mojo is also the man who, in collaboration with Frottoir maker, Tee Don Landry, got the Frottoir -- the Zydeco rubboard -- inducted into the Smithsonian Institution Museum of North American History Folk Music collection!

MOJO's work to benefit children is legendary. As a Touring Performance Artist and Artist in Residence, Mojo and his band deliver hundreds of performances each year to inner-city, underprivileged and handicapped children. Their work continues to the college level where they perform, mentor and provide master classes. Mojo's working tools embrace the philosophy that no man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.

A portion of proceeds from every MOJO concert is donated to charity. MOJO's performances have benefited Rotary International, Masonic charities, Shriners Hospital for Children, Public Action to Deliver Shelter, Prevent Child Abuse, Habitat for Humanity, Masonic Childrens Home, IL Foundation to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Drug Treatment Facilities, Masonic Hospital, American Cancer Society, Urban Gateways Arts Outreach, and many more just in the last 12 months!

Zydeco T Carrier, Frottoir (Rubboard) and Vocals
Zydeco T Carrier is a legend known for her skill as a player of the Frottoir, and as a charming AND exciting performer. A native of Church Point, LA, Zydeco T is a French-speaking Creole from the famous Carrier family. Her brother is Roy Carrier, her nephew is Chubby Carrier. With her million dollar smile, Zydeco T is a pleasure to watch.

Greg Hirte, Fiddle
Mojo's Fiddler, Phil Roach, is an amazing fiddler. Phil is a classically trained violinist playing Classical to Rock! Phil's performances are always a treat.

Tee John Moser, Drums
Tee John Moser, the drummer for Mojo & The Bayou Gypsies, is a lifetime performer known for his fabulous ability. He is young, good looking, and plays like a monster. Tee John is also an in-demand session player who can be heard on literally hundreds of recordings. This young man is clearly an accomplished musician. What else can we say? Just watch him play!

Beau Brian Burke, Bass
Beau Brian Burke, on bass, is a great musician and a great sport. Playing amazing bass all night long, Beau Brian fills out Mojo's powerful rhythm section. Beau Brian is also the object of the Mojo Family's playful teasing, often in French between Mojo and Zydeco T.

Rich "TEX" Stitzel
Rich "TEX" Stitzel is an amazing drummer who has toured with Miranda Lambert, Cathy Richardson, and many more huge artists. We are honored to have Rich with us!