Moj Rakety

Moj Rakety


music that sounds inside you


MyRocketsUp is an indie rock band from Moscow, Russia. The band has 3 LPs, s..t, “Nuclear Weapon Mushroom Potato Chips”, “Humanaut” and one EP “Nightmaremars” so far. They’ve already been signed by Smashed records in Australia and in Holland. MyRocketsUp played as a support act for bands like Sonic Youth, Mud Honey, Hood, Tequilajazzz. On their own toured through Netherlands, Belguim and Estonia.


"Moj Rakety" LP, 2004, Indie-Go rec.
"Nightmaremars" EP, 2005
"Nuclear Weapon Mushroom Potato Chips" LP, 2005, FeeLee rec.
"Humanaut" LP, 2007, MRV rec.
"VideoHumanaut" DVD, 2008, MRV rec.

Set List

Set list is about 30 songs, can play up to 2,5 hours.
Also like to play covers-sets, from Duran-Duran to Sepultura)