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The best kept secret in music


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Solo albums
Upcoast Relix (1995)
Dusty Bumps (1996)
Durable Mammal (1997)
Fall Collection 97 (1997)
Apenuts (1998)
Monster Piece (1998)
Mount Unpleasant (1999)
Mr. Behaviour (1999)
Everyday Details (1999)
Flow Torch (2000)
Beauty Is A Free Road (2000)
Imagine Me EP (2000)
Mokefluenza (2001)
Quick Hits (2001)
Road Life (2001)
Moka Only Is.... Ron Contour (2001)
Lime Green (2001)
Flood (2002)
Lowdown Suite (2003)
Martian Xmas 2004 (2004)
The Desired Effect (2005) (Canadian)
Fall Collection 05 (2005)
The Desired Effect II (2006) (American)
Dirty Jazz (2006) (Japanese)
The Creepee Eepee (2006)
The Station Agent (October 24, 2006)
Airport (2007)
Vermillion (2007)
The Creepee Eepee 2 (2007)
Martian Xmas 2006 (2007)
Martian Xmas 2007 (2007)
Airport 2 (2008)
Clap Trap (2008)
Hot Dog (as Ron Contour) (2008)
Psycodelic (as Torch) (2008)
Carrots and Eggs (2008)
Run & Find EP (2000)
Martian Xmas 2008 (2009)
Do Work (Maxi Single) (2009)
Lowdown Suite 2...The Box (2009)
Run and Find EP (2009)
Airport 3 (2009)
Flaunt (Digi-12) (as Ron Contour) (2009)
Summer of Ron (as Ron Contour) (2009)
The Beach (as Ron Contour) (2009)
Martian Xmas 2009 (2009)
Rontario (as Ron Contour) (2010)
Isn't Over EP (2010)
Airport 4 (2010)
Martian Xmas 2010 (2010)
Airport 5 (2011)
Barbecued Horse Contest (2011)
Longmile Buggedness (as Ron Contour) (2011)
Martian Xmas 2011 (2011)
Airport 6 (2012)
[edit]Collaboration albums
Moka Only & Sixtoo - The Crystal Senate EP (1997)
Moka Only & Ishkan "Nowfolk" - Style Gangsters (1999)
Moka Only & Jeff Spec "The Rappers" - Rappin' Atchu (1999)
Moka Only, Prevail, Abstract Rude "Code Name: Scorpion" - Code Name: Scorpion (2001)
Moka Only & Kirby Dominant "Dominant Mammals" - Super Future Stars (2002)
Moka Only & Ishkan "Nowfolk" - Nowfolk II "The Moon" (2004)
Moka Only & Def 3 - Dog River (2007)
Moka Only & Atsushi Numata - Moka Only Vs. Numata (Japanese) (2007)
Moka Only & Psy "The Nope" - Rain All Day EP (2009)
Moka Only & Nebz Supreme - Summer Notations (2009)
Moka Only & Psy "The Nope" - Melba (2009)
Moka Only & Factor - Saffron (as Ron Contour) (2010, Fake Four Inc)
Moka Only & E.D.G.E. - Dynamite Sandwich (as Ron Contour & E.D.G.E. as Jimmy The Bang) (2010)
Moka Only & Chief - Crickets (2011)
Moka Only & Evil Ebenezer "Zzbra" - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2012)
Moka Only & Ayatollah - Bridges (Moka Only album) (2012)
[edit]Song collaborations
Moka Only, Juice Dub, Degree One, DJ Tee Double "Sound Advice" - Tightrope (Single) (1989)
Moka Only & K-Prevail "Split Sphere" - Delve In My Realm (1992)
Moka Only & Planet Asia "Time After Time" - The Sickness Part One (2006)
Moka Only & Jennifer Abadesso "Did You Think" - Expose. Produced by Vikas Kohli of Fatlabs (2010)[4][5]
Moka Only & Lenny Diko - "Nothing to Prove", produced by Vikas Kohli of Fatlabs (2006)[6]
Moka Only & Noah23 - "Yeah" from Dirty Bling (2008)
Moka Only & Nomad N3 "illiusions", Produced by Nomad N3 - The 420 Mixtape (2012) by Nomad N3


Feeling a bit camera shy


With a catalogue that is unmatched by many, Moka Only is often considered to be a pioneer and driving force behind Canadian West Coast hip hop, as well as an important component in popularizing the art of freestyling in Victoria and Vancouver. In the 13+ years since his debut, Moka Only has released more than 50 albums, both solo and collaborative. He records under a variety of aliases, with the most popular being Ron Contour, Flow Torch and The Durable Mammal. He has been a contributing member of numerous groups and collectives, including Perfect Strangers, Code Name: Scorpion, Cryptic Souls Crew, The Dominant Mammals, City Planners, Nowfolk and Swollen Members, along with many others. Amongst all of that, Moka has worked with underground hip hop heroes like J Dilla, Aceyalone, OH NO, MF Doom, Buck 65, K-Os, Sixtoo and more.

But it all began rather humbly in his hometown of Victoria, BC, where Moka Only discovered hip hop culture at an early age, starting out as a graffiti artist before switching to rhyming at house parties and freestyling anywhere and everywhere alongside partner K-Prevail (recording together as Splitsphere). In 1994, Moka made the move to San Diego in order to further his rap career, creating a number of connections that he would later use to his advantage. Upon moving back to Canada in 1995 and taking up residence in Vancouver, Moka met Mad Child, and along with K-Prevail, now just Prevail, the three emcees founded Swollen Members one night at a Denny's, with Moka coining their multiple meaning name. However, a group dynamic was not for Moka and he soon moved on to a solo career.

In 1995, Moka Only started flooding the local scene with a myriad of music, quickly earning himself the nickname of "The Most Prolific" by self-releasing cassettes on an almost seasonal basis, which led to a few vinyl releases and finally album deals with a variety of labels. All the while, Moka was building a name for himself as a strong and skillful emcee with down-to-earth subject matter ranging from hip hop to fashion, from food to travel, and from love to sex. Although best known for his rapping, Moka was also building his resume as a a quirky producer with a knack for mixing live and sampled instruments. While the majority of Moka's musical output has been self-produced, his beats are also sought after by a wide range of underground artists.

With his solo career as both rapper and producer on the rise, Moka Only participated in a few collaborations with Swollen Members resulting in Moka rejoining the group for Monsters in the Closet, their 2002 collection of b-sides and rarities featuring three new songs. He remained on board for Heavy in 2003 but left again prior to the recording of Black Magic.

His time with Swollen Members, which also saw him signed to the Battle Axe label, resulted in three consecutive Junos, but it also meant a decrease in the amount of solo music from Moka. "The Most Prolific" returned in 2005 beginning with the release of The Desired Effect, his Nettwerk debut that realized a much greater pop potential for Moka. Unhappy with the label interference, Moka released a Japan-only alternate version under the title Dirty Jazz that was more to his liking, marking Moka's return to releasing the nearly seasonal albums of gritty, underground jams he has always been known for through labels like Camobear, Legendary Entertainment and Urbnet, as well as an occasional one-off project for various other indie labels. Moka is a part of the Battleaxe warrior family and still works closely with madchild and swollen members in addition to his own works. Moka's latest album is AIRPORT 6,released on URBNET, sept 18th,2012.