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"Record Of The Day"

"Reminded us of the first time we heard Coldplay? the song writing is truly
exceptional" - Record Of The Day


"A finely balanced blend of delicate and wistful vocals complimented
superbly by mood enhancing pianos" - -

"Craig Johnston"

"These are unique, contemporary songs but with all the hallmarks of real,
unencumbered talent" - -

"Ep Review"

"Drum loops and a disturbing, menacing vibe create songs drenched in
emotion. sounds like Tom Baxter mixed with Thom Yorke and it works well."
- - Rockbeatstone Magazine

"Burning Time EP"

"The blend of vocals, piano and cello gives this four tracker a head
start over most singer songwriters. Exquisitely done." - - The Beat Surrender

"Ep Music"

"A compelling rendition of his foundational MySpace showcase 'Two Words'
justifies the prickling of media ears." - - CD Times

"Tour Dates"

London Tour Dates (
Craig's Revolver-lution

No, not the ex-Liverpool striker and inventor of the Predator football boot. As
rockers Craig Johnston and The Revolvers unload on London, Justin
Stonemman finds out what targets band have in their sights.

"Curiously, the best gig I have ever been to was also the worst one," recalls
Craig and the Revolvers front man Craig Johnston. "It was Ian Brown at the V
Festival. He arrived on stage hideously late, on a moped, sang some
complete magic, suddenly screamed 'Fuck off!' at the audience, and drove
back off. It was the finest ten minutes I've ever witnessed." I have my
suspicions Johnston has already picked out a moped for his debut at a major
event. "Rock certainly needs another character like Ian Brown," says
Johnston with a glint in his eye.

The 28-year-old Scot is enjoying his unstoppable rise to the top. If the songs
bursting out of his new album are anything to go by, he should keep his
moped fuel tank topped up. His time has come. The journey to success has
been hard fought. His gigs this month include a promo performance at the
Half Moon in Putney - a venue he once had to pull elaborate strings to
perform at. "I really wanted a gig there so I applied for the job of barman, I
got it and then secured our show there, it wasn't the easiest way to grab a
spot but when I want something I battle for it and it usually works out."

Johnston has been writing and performing since the tender age of 14. Solo
sets around his native Glasgow led to various stints playing in innocuous indie
bands. "I enjoyed those days," he recalls. "I had a lot to learn and it helps
you focus on what it takes to make it. We played some fine gigs over the
years, at the Astoria and good venues like that, but at the back of my mind I
knew I wanted my own set-up. Being in those bands helped me understand
what exactly I wanted for myself, I have no regrets."

His years on the circuit helped him recruit his 'dream-team' line up for the
Revolvers. "I am so happy with the talent I have. Jessica Cox is a cellist I
have worked with on spots for many years, I have Alex McElhinney on bass
and Wesley Gibbens on drums, it is a magical combination."

His dream line-up have enjoyed an excited response from live audiences.
"Gelling together as a band is not something that happens overnight,"
Johnston augers. "It needs love and work, we are now at a stage where I am
proud to go out and perform, confident we are giving something special, I
know the audience will leave happy and that is an exciting thing." What
Johnston wants now is major commercial success. The battle is being won;
Radio 2 love his accessible indie pop, the stunning video to new single
'Wherever I Fall' is enjoying heavy rotation on music TV, and the mainstream
press is starting to take notice of his exciting new band. Johnston is
hoping to add to a long spell at number one on the Indiestore download store
with national success. "Everything is starting to mould into shape," he
admits. "I have been working my ass off for years, pushing so hard, and now
it finally feels like it is paying off. Playing at Bush Hall recently was amazing, having the support of student radio, feeling our fans push us; it is all falling
into place."

Johnston has raised the bar, as bigger shows become the norm for the band.
"The computer has become as important as the guitar at our gigs recently,"
he admits. "We have some really impressive audio visual effects. Stylistically
I want everything to be right, our laptop wizard Larry packs a real punch and
makes sure everything is right. I really admire bigger acts like U2 who care
about the experience for their fans; they aren't arrogant enough to expect
their audience to be happy with the same old routine. Sex it up a little; that is
what they want!"

With the benefits of fame and success Craig hopes to be 'sexing it up' on a
regular basis. "I must admit commercial success has other advantages
aside from getting your songs heard," Johnston says with a warm chuckle. "I
love the rock ‘n' roll caricature; it is what music is all about, being the
showman, the beautiful women, taking risks, falling over. As long as you get
back up again and nobody is hurt then it is all fine."

Helping Johnston's journey to rock ‘n' roll nirvana has been super-producer
Mike Nielsen, famous for his work with Jamiroquai and Underworld, among
others. "Mike has been superb," Craig says excitedly. "His creativity in the
studio is breathtaking; the whole team behind the new album has been
brilliant. The finished product will be out in the autumn and I am very excited
about it, it is the culmination of many years of hard work."

The Revolvers' huge and growing online fan-base will be delighted to hear the
wait is almost over. For now they have to make do with regul - London Tour Dates (


Single Release via itunes 'Wherever I Fall' 6th August

Airplay/Interview/Live Performance:- on BBC Radio Solent, Saga/Smooth FM (east/west midlands and Glasgow), South City FM, BBC Radio Derby, BCB Radio, Heartland FM, Nevis Radio, Argyll FM, Your Radio, Olympic Radio,

Forthcoming Single Release on itunes - 'Run Rabbit Run' - End Feb'



After spending a nomadic childhood moving between the contrasting climes of
Glasgow, Bahrain and Southampton Mokita (previously known as Craig
Johnston) arrived in London to work as a barman at the legendary Half Moon,
which has featured such acts as The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison and U2.

Mokita blends the organic tone of natural instrumentation and plaintive vocals
with a unique, subtle, electronic production. Giving bittersweet gems that
explore the journey of personal experience, Mokita deliver the intimacy needed
for emotion in music.

Having collaborated with acclaimed producer Mike Nielsen (Jamiroquai,
Underworld) and had two tracks 'Made of Stone' and 'Two Words' selected as
Record of The Day the music industry's unofficial tastemaker, Mokita was No1.
on the Indiestore download chart.

Recently Mokita supported The Hoosiers, and performed at City Showcase in
which Amy Winehouse, Keane and Razorlight have previously played.