Molasses Creek

Molasses Creek


Together since 1993, Molasses Creek's high-energy acoustic performances continue to win loyal followings with captivating stage presence, elegant harmonies, blazing instrumentals, and a quirky sense of humor.


Molasses Creek’s humble beginnings arose amidst exotic fig trees and rich tidewater marshes of isolated Ocracoke Island, NC, a magical place where stunning natural beauty mixes with community to create a rich melting pot of musical traditions. This high-energy acoustic group continues to win loyal followings with a captivating stage presence, elegant harmonies, blazing instrumentals, and a quirky sense of humor. Award winners from Garrison Keillor's “A Prairie Home Companion,” Molasses Creek has recorded 10 albums over the past 17 years and its members have been featured in Warner Brothers’ movie "Nights in Rodanthe." Molasses Creek’s roster includes Gary Mitchell (guitar & vocals), Fiddler Dave Tweedie (fiddle & vocals), Lou Castro (dobro, bass, & vocals), Marcy Brenner (mandolin, bass, vocals), and Gerald Hampton (mandolin & bass).

*We have 10 albums that have received radio airplay on folks stations around the US and some in Europe. These are available through, iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody. We appeared on Prairie Home Companion back in 2000, and the show has been replayed about 4 times. We also opened for Garrison Keillor in April of 2008 in Greenville, NC. We are currently promoting a brand new release on folk radio stations throughout the US, “Follow the Heron Home”

*Two of our members, Marcy Brenner and Lou Castro were featured musicians in a music party scene in the 2008 Warner Brother’s movie “Nights in Rodanthe” starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane. See the clip

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Howard Street

Written By: Fiddler Dave Tweedie of Molasses Creek

I jumped the fence on Howard Street and ran to where I knew she would be waiting
Play the lover, questions why, live oaks twisting towards the sky now fading
And in a dream they came to me from countless years before
Simple men and women who spilled across the door of this old house
And I am one

Her people are as old as time, but I am new and pay the fine with patience
My history seems to start today, and a child late from morning’s play must hasten
Old fishermen on Silver Lake walk barefoot through the sand
And only by remaining still will they notice that I stand among them now

I know the spring by turning leaves, the oaks they shed for joy and not for grieving
The paneled house will mold with dew but underneath the beaded board looks new
Hurricanes and winds of change will sting with mighty blow
Those who will escape their wrath like oceans they must flow and so must I

Graves they lie along this lane, compass need not guide where we must go
A city hides their dead away but here old friends surround us like the snow
The thunder of the ocean now consumes my every pore
I must in turn embrace it as I spill across the door of this small town

Frogs sing sweetly in the night, stars breathe free far from city lights
Oyster shells upon the road where sunken cisterns memories still hold
Past and present they join hands around this magic place
As I return to doorstep and the memory of her face before me now
And she is here. And I am here.


Molasses Creek has released 10 Cds over the past 17 years.

Their most recent recording, More Better Molasses Creek, features 7 brand new tracks along with 7 classic audience favorites. Molasses Creek albums can be ordered through their record company, Soundside Records, at, or digitally at various online stores like iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, IMVU, Shockhound, and Jango. Presenters and DJs who would like more information, please contact us!

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Set List

Our typical set list includes a combination of original material and uniquely interpreted covers. Influences include folks like Doc Watson, Norman Blake, Dolly Parton, Gillian Welch, and many other Americana artists. A full concert evening usually consists of two hour-long sets with an intermission. Other programs are available depending on the venue. We perform at large concerts halls and festival to small vaudeville theaters, to schools and residencies.