Molasses Skye

Molasses Skye


grandma's hands, momma's cookin', the smell of sunday dinner, daddy's laugh, grandpa's lap, front porch rockin' ... molasses skye


Rachel and Kyshona met in the world of music therapy, both using their talents to give back to those in need. It only made sense to combine their styles, strengths, and experiences to create a sound that belongs to no one else. Playing low key venues and coffee shops, the best place to see Molasses Skye is where the magic all began for them both: downtown Athens, captivating the masses as they pass by. If walking around Athens, GA you will know when you've come upon Molasses Skye. Combining the elements of acoustic music sprinkled with percussion and spoken word, they create a distinct and inviting sultry, soulful sound. Drawing a diverse crowd of listeners from all types of backgrounds, they simply.....stop. No one is rushing by, everyone is watching, waiting, listening, and experiencing the essence of Molasses Skye.


"A Taste of Molasses" : EP, Copyright '07

Set List

A typical set list consists of a majority of original songs and a few updated covers. We can do two 45 minute sets or play for an 1 and 30 minutes straight. Set lists are as follows:

1. Real Thang
2. Shadow Lover
3. Be Still
4. Climb
5. Confined
6. Grandpa's Song
7. Time
8. Lucky Girl
9.Hold On Me
10. Write it Out
11. Poem Song
12. Wicked
13. Shade Tree
14. Movin' On
15. No Mistakes
16. Freedom Train

Cover Songs:
1. Lovely Day - Bill Withers
2. Grandma's Hands - Bill Withers
3. You Were Drunk - Rose Polenzani
4. He Loves Me - Jill Scott
5. Turtle Blues - Janis Joplin
6. St. Louis Blues - W.C. Handy
7. Travelin' Shoes - Spiritual
8. Push and Pull - Nikka Costa
9. Gangsta Lean - DRS
10. Angel From Montgomery - Bonnie Rait
11. Irreplaceable - Beyonce
12. In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel
13. I still haven't found - U2
14. Livin' On a Prayer - Bonjovi
15. Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers
16. Hold On to Your Love - En Vogue
17. Sledgehammer -