Mole is a popphenomenon not just delivering strong melodies, but also lyrics that brings You hope in an uncertain age. In combination with intense liveperformances and unerring precence, this swedish live-act represents something of an new benchmark when it comes to connecting with the audience!


Since the start in 2002 the band has written and produced all their material together.
They have in time grown into an strong-willed unit with a gift for popmusic that will turn Your face into a smile on any gloomy Monday.

In a short time an impressive international fanbase has attended their MySpace-site, making an remarkable 130 000-visits-anniversary in Apr.

May 12th their longed-for debutsingle "Say My Name" is due to be released by swedish-based RoastingHouse Records with Universal Scandinavia as distributor in Scandinavia.

Sept 8th is set as a releasedate for the album "Ready To Go" produced by swedish producer Henryk Lipp (Millencolin, Sator, Blue for Two, Thåström, Håkan Hellström)
This release is to be followed by an international launch covering Germany, Austria, Switzerland (Zyx Music), Japan (Dreamusic), UK (Plastic Head) and China (A-Peer).

Mole is here to stay and will continue to make wonderful music for many years to come!


Swedish album release September 8 2008. Soon we'll get the exact dates for the Europe, Japan and Chinese releases.

Set List

We play our own material and we got songs for about a 1 hour gig. We don't do covers.