Mollie King

Mollie King


Powerful Psych-Rock-Soul Anthems performed by a Gypsy Revolutionary


MOLLIE KING- singer, guitarist, poet, songwriter. Moving from a place called Fairyland on top of Lookout Mountain, Georgia to New York at seventeen, she was the singer and lyricist for many different bands back in the day on the Lower East Side, including the jazz/hip-hop/metal of Kingstone and was the first lead singer in the psychedelic/blues/improv of Elliot Sharps band-Terraplane. Terraplane is still performing with Eric Mingus as the lead singer/bassist. She also sang and recorded with the heavy rock band- Ten Ton, led by Claudius King. The lead guitarist for Kingstone and Ten Ton was Tom "Huey" Morgan who went on to front-The Fun Lovin' Criminals.

After four years in NYC, Mollie left for Europe- played at festivals, made her first solo record in Hamburg, sang a duet with Reverend Al Green at the Royal Festival Hall in London and performed on live radio in Prague. At the free town of Christiania in Copenhagen, Mollie met a circus-Arkaos-punk band from London called the Thunderdogs and joined their European tour. After returning to the States, she continued to travel, living and playing in Austin, Seattle, Hawaii and Los Angeles. Mollie performed at Native American and Tibetan benefit concerts, including a performance at the 1998 Sundance film festival at a party for the opening of the award winning film "Smoke Signals." While in Los Angeles, she did backing vocals on two songs for the classic Lysa Flores debut album "Tree of Hope." The drummer of Lysa's band is the legendary DJ Bonebrake of X. Mollie was transformed into a cartoon on MTV for Project Incognito by genius animator Bob Sabiston of the Richard Linklater film "Waking Life" & "Scanner Darkly." She also belly danced in Ben Harper's video "Faded."

Mollie makes all of her own stage clothes and has collaborated for several years with fashion designer/avatar Elisa Jimenez and the HungerWorld, modeling and orchestrating the music for her NYC fashion week performances. At several of the Hungerworld fantasy shows, Mollie sang to the music of the supertalented artist, Melissa Auf Der Maur- bassist of Hole & Smashing Pumpkins. Mollie played an hour long live solo/acoustic radio show on WBAI 99.5FM NYC. Asahi Beer Company chose Mollie to be featured on a photo wall of up-and-coming NYC musicians at their new beer hall in Tokyo. She was the central character of a documentary film about NYC women in rock called "Fireflies." Mollie made another art & music movie called "Afternoon at the Lotus Palace," filmed at the Chelsea Hotel where she wrote most of the songs for the first band album.

Mollie and lead guitarist/powerhouse Henry Gutierrez, produced the 11 track LOTUS 33 debut CD "Song of the Cyclone," including the fantastic playing of drummer-Hector Becerra and bassist- Brett Bass. She also released a 5 song solo/acoustic CD "Seed." LOTUS 33 was awarded "Band of the Year 2003" by NYC magazine Talent In Motion. Henry and Mollie played in Union Square Park for the Not In Our Name Rally Against the Death Penalty. In 2004, they performed together in Scotland at a castle for the fairytale Wallace wedding and at clubs in London & all over England and Spain. Way too many shows to count in NYC-performances at Joe's Pub, Mercury Lounge, The Delancey, CBGB's & CBGB Gallery, Sin-e, Piano's, Bowery Ballroom, Crash Mansion, Rothko, Tonic, Makor, Arlene Grocery, The Knitting Factory, Lit, Fez, and also a sold out night at the legendary Antone's in Austin, TX.

Over the last few years, a new band was born- STARCHILD the electric, explosion of Henry Gutierrez and his mind-blowing music. Mollie sang back-up/duets & lead on the songs that she wrote and contributed to the project. Mollie and Henry recorded the superheavybeautiful STARCHILD debut CD together. STARCHILD performed at ABC Studios for a GRAMMY Party celebrating Native American Music and their show was broadcast on the Jumbotron overlooking Times Square. In the Spring of 2005, Henry Gutierrez relocated the STARCHILD experience to San Antonio, TX. STARCHILD returned to NYC to play packed shows at LIT (with mod-rockstars HEADQUARTERS), CBGB's (made a live record before it closed), and at The Delancey (opening for Norah Jones's mystery incognito glam punk band- El MAD MO).

Although they are now in different places, Henry and Mollie continue to play together whenever the time is right either in NYC or Texas. In Sept.'06 MK & STARCHILD played ACL Festival after-parties in Austin & toured the South. In March '06, '07 & '08 MK & STARCHILD Rocked SXSW in Austin. Mollie also orchestrated the music and modeled for the SXSW Hungerworld debut fashion show at Factory People '07. A new recording of Mollie King's music is coming soon- Winter '08. The STARCHILD song "After All" which is an acoustic duet with Henry & Mollie was just chosen from tens of thousands of songs by Sam Ash Music to be on their internatio


Not Alone Now

Written By: Mollie King

Heat is the hope of this rampage.
Precious kisses all over your prison.
Constellations push and pull me,
too far from any town to have a destination.


*A feather floating, a bird in the wind.
A man behind a woman and
a woman at the crossroads again.
And I don't want to bring you,
I just don't want to bring you down, I want to lift you...
Uprising like the Sun and becoming the Movement,
A sense of belonging to the Movement, You are not alone now...*

It's not so certain this magnet in me
bringing it all on like a dragon on my tongue.
If it weren't for this raging inferno, for this dangerous flame
I'd pack myself up to watch the clouds rolling on...


Wingspans and starlight, emeralds and gold,
so close to fingertips of longing.
Strong arms to hold me together. Sleeping in a land of song.
Voices lift and echo out of isolation.


A horse out on the run, forever running
And you are not alone now, We are not alone now.
A sense of belonging to the Movement.
You are not alone now...


Day of the Dead

Written By: Mollie King

The silver rush of your song,
was so soft and threatening.
Your handsome breath and your golden tongue
is how your faith was called upon.
I saw rubies spilling out of your precious mouth.
Like a man of God, a fountain of wine,
swept up years and years before your time...
***And this love it shall live again,
and this love it shall live again...
Horizon sliding into the night
And I thought you were the one to catch my sky
as I come crashing down...
Five years gone,
I am paralyzed and wandering.
Holidays in pain, I can't get you out of me.
And distance makes the heart grow completely insane,
all ablaze in flame, you came in a dream.
It's the day of the dead.
I'm coming back over the sea,
and I'm running again from wolves in the street.
From a love that is lost, a soul grown cold,
a knife in the hand of the man I resurrected.
You know I lifted him up,
but it wasn't enough...***


Train Coming Soon

Written By: Mollie King

He is one day older
and ten years too young,
three days late
and still on the way.
I saw him stand noble and pure
out at Anne the Saint's Place
'cross the river,
going on five years now.
And I knew how long he had waited
to fill that church with song,
I knew I had a lot to tell him
and he'd say, I was all wrong...

...cocky like a pistol,
all flared up,
like a rooster at dawn...
and the Train is coming soon,
the Train is coming...

Once I was a songbird turning
the spiral dial from off to on.
Little boy alarms,
blood stains on a prized guitar
and oh such remarkable qualities.
Yet which one of those personalities is going to succeed?
Does he have the strength
to live the songs he sings
or does he shout them out as momentary offerings?
Possibilities out of his own reach...


He's a rainbow on the inside
but he will never show.
Like a hawk he flies
but he likes to walk slow
and he stays far away
from what he knows nothing about.
His affliction seems to stem
from the old glorious South.
And he dreams of being a leader
but like a coyote he brings,
everything that you want and
nothing that you need.
He knows not what to say
and he knows not what to do,
He thinks he's the only one
in the world who knows the truth...


Today, Today
is a good day...
The Train
is Coming...

-dragonspitmusic BMI 2007


"Seed"- 5 song acoustic Demo
"Song of the Cyclone"- 11 track full band Lotus 33 album
"Starchild"- 7 track full band debut CD

Set List

All original set of songs. Sets vary from 30 min. solo acoustic to 4 hour nonstop rock mayem.