Molli Paige

Molli Paige


A creative blend of pop/rock/blues, laced with some acoustic funk. The lush vocals of singer, Molli Paige, merge powerful with sensual and her introspective lyrics are infused with an uplifting vibe! -April 2006 Top Songwriters Award -2004 Finalist, Song Of The Year (VH1)


The venerated incarnation of The Molli Paige Band, as we know it, has gone on extended vacation. However, Molli Paige, is doing guest performances with bands in the local Portland area and also in Tacoma, Wash. area.

Playing at an array of Venues, including: The Harmon, The Spar, benefit shows, The Dublin, Portland Saturday Market, Buffalo Gap, Sydneys, The Mandolin Café, Art Hop on Alberta at Six Days, private functions, The Ash, Java Fusion, The Green Room, Steamers, and a waterfront stage show at the Portland PrideFest, just to name a few…

Molli Paige has had the pleasure of working with some amazing musicians thus far, such as Andy Hunt (songwriting partner for 8 years), Joe Contris, Jeff Whitney, Aaron Matthieson, Corrin Rosasco, Andrew Logerwell, Rhonda Piasecki, Joe Riggio…

Molli is currently searching for the kindred spirit(s) to continue the musical journey of creating more music. She’s having a blast with her guest spots with different bands for now...make sure to check the calendar in order to drop by one of the shows.



Written By: Molli Paige

© 1997 Molli Paige All Rights Reserved

1.Unafraid, is what I want to be / Free from all my devilish fears
That crush, my hopes & my dreams
Unafraid, is what I want to be / Undressed, but safe in my skin
Safe enough to fly alone tonight / Safe enough to shed these fingertips of fear

So I run my hands across the door / To find the lock that holds me back
I see it now, me on the other side
I can't stand in the dark without losing my way
I feel it now, the light of life on my soul
Do I dare, do I dare, let - it - take – me – in……..take me in

2.Unafraid, is what I want to be / No more lies in front of me
Untouched by all my enemies
Unafraid, is what I want to be / Not to feel so out of tune
Out of tune with all that's mine / So out of tune with my heart and my soul

Repeat Chorus

So I run my hands across the door
To find the lock that holds me back

In The Mirror

Written By: Molli Paige

© 2006 Molli Paige All Rights Reserved

1.Today I looked in the mirror for the first time
I saw myself as one
Not everything I saw was pleasing to the eye
But I finally knew where I was comin’ from
Nobody ever wanted me to see
My heart, my soul, my true identity

Oh, I believe in who I am
I believe in what I am
I believe in everything I know I can be
And I won’t let the world take that away from me

2. Every other day looks just like another day
Only if you let it
Not every day needs to fade into the wind
It’s up to you to make that change
Sometimes you have to leave everything
Just to make it back to yourself

Repeat Chorus

It isn’t about anyone’s foolish opinion
It isn’t about the color of our skin
It starts from one place, and one place only and that is . . . within


EPCD with 6 tasty morsels:
"Get A Taste, And Want More..." -released 2000
3 tracks available for listening at:

Acoustic CD with 10 quality songs:
"Exklusiv Akustik"
3 Tracks available for listening at:

Set List

Our set lists vary from venue to venue.
We play 1 to 3 hour gigs...with 2 short breaks (for shows longer than 2 hours)...our set-list for each hour will have, at least, 7 original songs and, up to, 3 cover tunes.

Our cover tunes include (not limited to):
Bluesy/edgy version of "Let It Be" -Beatles
Rock "I'm The Only One" -Melissa Etheridge
Standard (but, with a rock twist) "Summertime"
Rock "What's Up" -4NonBlondes
Rock "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" -CCR