molly sullivan

molly sullivan

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Lo-fi pop freckled with folk & experimental/minimalist undertones.


"Always an amazing performer and one of the most incredible vocalists in Cincinnati... Molly Sullivan [has grown] from a coffee shop acoustic act to the dynamic frontwoman of an electropop group, to the artist she is today.

After a long hiatus, Sullivans lyrics are as gorgeous, understated, and heartbreaking as they've always been, but her sound has matured over the years into her own. Though her music has become less hook-driven, at its core, Sullivan still crafts pop music, hinting subtly at influences of R&B and shoegaze. Sullivans music has been stripped away of the smoke and mirrors of heavy synth loops and driving beats to reveal dark, warm, ambient and electronic soundscapes. Her vocals, meanwhile, are more subdued as she leans less on her distinct powerhouse belting, but are still just as chilling."

- Caitlin Behle, Each Note Secure 2013


The Only Road I've Ever Known

Written By: Molly Sullivan

Coming down
The only road
I’ve ever known

Sidewalk cracks
And telephone poles
I’m chasing down
The last of light
Of the one i loved

[[ I wander
Oh, I wander my nights away ]]

Coming down
Been drunk as hell
For so long

Sidewalk cracks
Like stockings of lace
Make the walk home
A little more

[[ And I wonder
I wonder, just how I got this way ]]

A furrowed brow
And sunken eyes
Both plague me now

And my face,
Seems so different
I am not a child
And I feel
A little less

[[ And now they wonder,
They all wonder
Why I stay this way

But it’s the only road
I’ve ever known ]]

They're All Waiting For You

Written By: Molly Sullivan

Men dressed up in business suits
The ladies and their hair
All concerned with numbers and
The style and the air

They’re all going somewhere

Happy were the early days
The curfews and the games
Playing in the churchyard garden
Amongst buried remains

Oh, I want to go back there

To be young
To be young
To be young
To be young

Arguing about the teams
Your look is sad to see
Drunk on egos, drunk on bills
Holding tight to former glories
No one really cares

To be young
To be young
To be young
To be young

Men dressed up in business suits
Go on,
They’re all waiting for you


Written By: Molly Sullivan

Listening to your songs
I burn

Slowly, dim-lit
Down to the wick
(In flashing waves
I loved you)

The place i sought
I could not find
(And I’m left in waiting)

Comforts were
Always yours, not mine
(You could never give it up)

Listening to your words
I burn

Such strong teeth
All out, shining
(Now tell me, what’s that grin for?)

Hands clasped
Eyes shut
Tell me her name
(And where she comes from)

Spit it out
Please come the fuck clean
(You’re giving it to someone else)

Into the Vessel

Written By: Molly Sullivan

There I found you
In the mire
In the quicksand
In the fire
And I tried to pull you
Into the vessel-
Into my own hell,
Perhaps you're better off alone
Oh my god, Oh my god
Oh my god, Oh my god

There I left you,
Tucked in the backseat
Blistered and naked
On ice with bare feet
Heaven forgive my hands-
They've robbed us both blind,
And without asking
Oh, my god, Oh, my god
Oh, my god, Oh, my god

When the victim breaks me
The righteous chorus, they will sing

There I found you
In the mire (I left you there)
In the quicksand (I left you there)
In the fire
And I tried to push you
Out of the vessel
Out of my own hell
I'm giving you a new life
Oh, my god
Away from this,
Oh, my god

Now the victim breaks me
The righteous chorus, they do sing


So It Goes

Written By: Molly Sullivan

I've been to war
I've been with sorrow
I'm here for now
I'll follow tomorrow
So it goes

What do you ask?
What have you done?
I'm here for now
Tomorrow I'm gone
So it goes

The past that haunts
Nips at your heels
And I don't like the way it feels
When I'm the thing he steals

Soot and ash
My way of cleaning
Pick up the things
That you are leaving
So it goes

I've been to war
You've been misleading
The future's coming
And I'll be needing
Someone to rely on
So it goes

So it goes