Molly Avenger

Molly Avenger


were a well put together band that got load of energy and we love to play rock N roll we like to think WEre a "New Rock" kinda Band.


Are style is "New rock / Alternative Rock". the band was formed in 2008,
founding members are Mitchell Ellis "Lead Vocals" and John Pitts "Drums"
, Mitchell was working in Alberta and didn't Really like where hes life was going
after a couple years in Alberta he decides to call it quits and come home to proceed
in what he enjoys most in life, Music. Mitchell And john were jammin Buddies for about 10 years
and been in a number of cover bands together, Mitchell been writing music for most of hes life
, so hes dream was to be apart of a Original Band playing original song's, so that was hes plan.
along the way the band picked up Robert Deir "Lead Guitar",Gavin Fennel "Bass" and Chris Spurrell.
together they try to proceed with Mitchell's Gole, but with hardly know money it was impossible
to get studio time, so the band took a "u" turn and went back to playing covers to keep some money
moving in. the few originals they did manage to record were recorded in Mitchell's Basement with a
old Imac and a load of cheep mics. and a couple of the songs didn't even have a real drum track
they were forced to use a midi drum track that was built into garageband on the mac, they just didn't have the mics
to do the drums. the band is working on there original songs and there still playing the bar scene
. there hopping to get a grant soon to help them with the making of there demo
the bands influences are, Off Spring, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Nickel-back,CCR, Led zeppelin,etc


Only our songs on Myspace

Set List


Heed The Call = 3-4 Mins

Jeen On the scene = 3-4 Mins

Rocket In My Own Hands = 3 mins

Open Arms = 3 mins

Nothing Left To Lose = 3-4 Mins

Be Mine = 3-4 Mins