Molly Bancroft

Molly Bancroft


Molly Bancroft, a veteran of Atlanta's rock scene, has ventured into adventurous territory, combining Sarah McLachlan style vocals with electronic loops and rock textures ala Death Cab for Cutie. Her edgy sonic backdrop is a perfect bed for her passionate unique voice and catchy songs.


Molly's life in music started as a jazz sax player and morphed into a rock singer/songwriter after she moved to Boston, where she was influenced by Nirvana as much as Suzanne Vega. Molly moved to Atlanta to form critically acclaimed rock band LIFT and had an incredibly successful run, signed to Daemon Records and touring with the Indigo Girls. In 2000 LIFT had Murray Attaway produce their final album "September EP" which grabbed ears of many in the industry. LIFT showcased for labels and recorded jingles for Coca Cola and toured around the country playing big festivals and rock venues. Molly left the band she started in 2003 to create a solo album, Get Closer, which she produced. Get Closer was hailed as a brave step forward and the CD won awards, and received airplay on Atlanta's 99x- all of the songs Molly performed solo shows opening for artists such as: Angie Aparo, Marshall Crenshaw, Jonatha Brooke and Lori Carson. In 2005, Molly wore the producer hat with Atlanta artist Emily Boyd's debut CD "Wonder" while also collaborating with internationally known DJs Gabriel and Dresden (remixers of Sarah McLachlan, Coldplay, Depeche Mode). Together, they co-wrote 3 songs on their upcoming release, including the #1 Billboard dance single "Tracking Treasure Down" which is also a hit worldwide. Between these other studio stints she managed to record a back to basics new CD of her own called "Red Dirt Diaries." Featuring drummer Simone Simonton (Lift, Sugarland), and a cast of other talented friends, Red Dirt Diaries is a warm, gorgeous group of songs that, once again, combine Molly's usual sonic elements and influences into a completely unique blend of pop music. Molly's distinctive and addictive vocals are receiving accolades from international fans of her dance music collaborations as well as her stellar performance as a songwriter on Red Dirt Diaries. Still at it stronger than ever, 2007 is going to be a very good year for Molly's voice to be heard.


"Red Dirt Diaries" Molly Bancroft (self release, 2006)

"Tracking Treasure Down" - (#1 Billboard single! July 2006) Gabriel and Dresden feat. Molly (Organized Nature, 2006)

"Gabriel and Dresden" - Gabriel and Dresden
(Organized Nature, 2006) - 4 songs on the album feat. Molly

"Get Closer" - Molly Bancroft, ReyBan Records, 2003
(won 2004 rockrgrl grand prize award)

"September EP" - LIFT, Orangestar Records, 2000

"Lifelike" - LIFT, Daemon Records, 1997

"Stellar" - LIFT, Lyric Moon Records, 1996

"Walk Away/Birds Fly Free" - LIFT (Tim Kerr Records), 1992

Produced: Wonder EP, Emily Boyd (2006)

Set List

Typical set is 10-15 songs:

Tracking Treasure Down (rock version)
Spinning, Turning ( all below off new CD)
The Break
Smoke in the City
Fall Down
Forgotten Angel
Some New Paradise (from Get Closer)
Hey Cheri (from Get Closer)
some covers of : catherine wheel, blue nile, etc
and a bunch of new songs