molly BANG

molly BANG


Dirty-Garage-Rocking-HipsterKilling-Sexfiendish-Folk Metal. The Barry Manilow of the 60's (but with a deeper voice). Lou Reed in a Blender. Superhorse on pot.


We are just three cousins from the hills that love rock. We love almost everything except modern country / top 40 rock / hipster music and we all hate Creed. PunkFunk and AcidJazz are our bag. We've jerked off while listening to Parliament. We've seen the Dirtbombs 9 times and our dream is to play shows with Pavement, the Moldy Peaches, Neil Young, the Violent Femmes, the Pixies, and Bob Dylan. Ray Charles was our ex-girlfriend's grandfather (Yes we all dated her). Keith Moon is our hero. We met Mick Jagger in a dream. Stevie Wonder and Joey Ramone used to live down the street from us and our lead singer's voice was cursed by a witch.

What sets us apart?
Nothing. We are just another band.


4 New Positions [demos 2005]

Set List

sex drugs and rock and roll sex
the drowning moth
katrina (screw me like a hurricane)
maggie may is gay
hot sex
jellybean superdoll
hey man your shit's hanging out
cool dick!

sex beat (the Gun Club)
son of a gun (the Vaselines)
shame on a nigga (Wu-Tang Clan)
frankly is enough, beotch (Cooter and the Twots)
don't eat stuff off of the sidewalk (the Cramps)
let's get married (Prince)
big ball blues (Robert Johnson)