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"Molly Cherington Codifies Beauty at Swallow Hill"

If femininity had a singular, universal resonance-- a frequency-- it would sound something like Molly Cherington's music. The tonalities of Molly's voice and her guitar are like positive and negative nucleotide bases that, when subject to gel electrophoresis, line up, confirming the suspicion of a genetic match. The semblance is uncanny, as if the two are one instrument (or at least best friends), resulting in a surety of sound greater than the sum of its individual parts. Molly's picking is deliberate yet delicate, and her singing-- controlled yet utterly honest--codifies beauty.

Molly's eponymously titled acoustic EP is, in her own words, "quite raw," and she's in the midst of working on a full length album. Studies prove that female recording artists enjoy a positive and stereotype-free portrayal in the mediea, but it is terrifically refreshing to find one who takes advantage of this dynamic with as much grace and charm as she does. More than that, "as someone who is under a year old at all of this," Molly exudes the cool humility found in those destined for success: she not only has real talent, she offers that which we don't yet know we need.

As a new live performeer on the scene, it's a huge honor to play at Swallow Hill. Her March 15th performance was terrificaly personal, and she drew a crowd to the Cafe like none in the past. Liken her to Joni Mitchell if you want, but Molly is more timely and shares none of the despondency. Her lyrics are neither gushy nor bitter. Heard in "Lemonade Stand," "You put your ten cents in and swig back all you can/If you choose me." Only by leading a full life, can one become such a wellspring! This chick could be famous. - Colorado Music Buzz

"Molly Cherington"

She’s scrambling to put together her first album, due out later this year, but Denver area folk singer Molly Cherington took some time out to let us know all about her. You can check her out right here before you see her live at the Swallow Hill Folk Festival this September. Get her schedule and more information about Molly at

1. How would you describe your music?

I usually describe my music as indie acoustic folk. But that’s a little ironic since I have no idea what the term means, or if it even is a term. I have no formal training on the guitar so I rarely know which notes I’m playing but I’ve been told I play a lot of “open” chords, which tend to leave listeners hanging just a little bit. I always hope not to leave anyone hanging for too long though! My lyrics tend to be reflective because I’m usually trying to sort something out for myself when I’m writing. But I’m always thinking about how we all can make “societal improvements” and I think about that when I write also. I take a leap of faith that that comes through on some level. Most of my songs are about moving forward and change.

2. How did you start out?

I started playing The Beatles on my dad’s guitar when I was in high school. But I gave it up for lacrosse shortly thereafter, picking up the instrument only occasionally and writing songs whenever I did. I loved writing. From the beginning, about 10 years ago, that was my favorite part. I was too impatient for lessons and writing my own songs allowed me a lot more freedom on the guitar... It wasn’t until a little over a year ago that I was encouraged by my friends Katie Wirsing (Denver Slam Team) and Nicole Torres (Nicole Torres & The Affiliates) to perform at Under the Hood, a monthly showcase featuring mainly local music, that I figured out how much I love playing for people other than myself.

3. How do you choose your

My song-writing is usually a reflection of what’s going on in my life. I often write songs to understand something new about myself or about a situation I’m in. I think most of my songs are relationship oriented but maybe not in the traditional sense that I’m working something out with one other person. Often I’m working something out with myself. You know, trying to figure out something about what’s going on in there.

5. You grew up in New Hampshire and you've played a lot on the East
Coast, as well as in Colorado. What's the difference between East Coast
and Western audiences?

Denver must have one of the best music scenes in the country. I say that because in addition to there being a huge amount of talent here, musicians and venues are so welcoming. I don’t think I would have enjoyed starting out somewhere else nearly as much. That said, it’s really fun to play outside Colorado too. I find most people who come to solo artist shows are there to hear the music. That’s common across regions so it’s always fun to meet new people and explore the music scene in new places. But it’s very important to me that Denver is my home base. I grew up in rural New Hampshire and am so thankful I learned about what home is while growing up there, but Denver is the first home I’ve made for myself. I’ve never felt so good about coming home to a place, regardless of how long I’m away.

6. Of the songs that you've written, which is your favorite and why?

I really enjoy performing Ten Year Promise because it’s just at the edge of what I can do with my voice, especially when I’m nervous. It challenges me quite a bit and I don’t always hit it, so it’s fun when I do. I’m a lot more excited lyrically about some new stuff I’m working on now and am in writing and recording mode these days, getting ready to make my first full-length album due out in the fall, so I’m excited to share the new stuff too when it’s ready.

7. What are your future plans?

My focus right now is getting this album really rolling, which takes a little longer in balance with a full-time job and several other projects I’m working on and am very passionate about. I’m always trying to figure out ways to squeeze more hours into the day for music. I’m excited to keep growing as a musician and am very happy and just generally better off when I make time for that. I have no pretense about where music will “take me.” But it’s an important part of every day for me now and I can see that being true for a very long time.
- OutFront Colorado


Molly Cherington-- EP, March 2007
OUR MINDS WERE MADE -- LP, December 2007



Described by Colorado Music Buzz as a performer who "codifies beauty" with "picking... deliberate yet delicate, and...singing -- controlled yet utterly honest" and dubbed by Swallow Hill Music Association as a "charming up-and-comer," this Denver-based singer/songwriter has a unique style and a stage presence all her own. Molly has toured the Rocky Mountain region, the midwest, New York, New England and made her international debut last January in Toronto, Canada. She has been invited to perform at the Swallow Hill Music Association's Folk Festival, at Denver's LILT and Pride Festivals and at the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase as well as at a high schools and colleges around the country. She's shared the stage with Erin McKeown, Chris Pureka, nationally renowned performance poet Andrea Gibson, Denver Slam Team Champion Katie Wirsing and drummer Daren Hahn (The Eels, Ani DiFranco). She was asked to write score for activist Mark Turner's (Ripples Cross) upcoming film and her song "Unspoken" was recently picked up by KPFA Radio 94.1, Berkeley.

Molly released her self-titled debut EP in March 2007 and followed it up with her first full-length album OUR MINDS WERE MADE in December 2007, initiating a four month tour of New York and New England. She is currently based out of Colorado.