molly d.

molly d.


With sensitive, honest lyrics and a powerfully sincere voice, no one writes a catchy song like Molly D. In a single setlist, her songs could range from dark and brooding to cheerfully upbeat, and span several genres while keeping in continuity with her unique style of songwriting.


I grew up in Portland, Oregon, playing the violin for orchestras and wedding bands. I moved to Boston and picked up the guitar so I could start writing songs. I really haven't put it down since. My influences include Ani Difranco, Eminem, Paul Simon, Tegan and Sarah, and Counting Crows. Even when I'm not gigging or practicing, I sing all the time, whether its harmonizing with commercials, in the shower, or waiting tables. I also enjoy long walks on the beach.


The Who Hash EP- all available for streaming at

The Big One
Who Am I

Set List

Typically, the set is about 30 minutes, including these originals:
Temerarius #1 (I Can't Wait) 2:30
Temerarius #2 3:45
Eggshells 2:43
Choke 3:19
The Big One 3:35
Clementine 1:50
Friend of a Friend 3:20
Who am I 3:23

and these covers:
When I Come Around
You Can Call Me Al
Mr. Jones