molly d.

molly d.


With sensitive, honest lyrics and a powerfully sincere voice, no one writes a catchy song like Molly D. In a single setlist, her songs could range from dark and brooding to cheerfully upbeat, and span several genres while keeping in continuity with her unique style of songwriting.


Since the independent release of her EP entitled “Who Hash”, fiddler-turned-songwriter Molly D. has been getting recognition in the form of gigs and college radio airplay for her personal lyrics as well as her powerfully sincere voice. Playing venues ranging from the Berklee Performance Center to local dive bars, Molly D. has been performing all over Boston, developing a fan base and fuelling ambitious hopes for the future of her career. Currently going solo, she decided it was time to take the plunge and go her own musical way, moving to Portland, Oregon, to pursue a career in a new city where independent music thrives.
In a given set, Molly D. jumps from cheerfully upbeat to brooding and anguished and every emotion in between, still keeping continuity with her own unique style of songwriting. Her influences include Ani Difranco, the Dixie Chicks, Blues Traveler, and many others. Charismatic and catchy, her music makes for a show not to be missed.


The Big One

Written By: Molly D.

I’m mad cause I don’t know what I’m mad at
I want to give my reasons but there’s not much to tell
Its really a shame what this became but maybe
I got no one to blame but myself…

I know I’ve been saying something’s gotta give
Whether we should let it live or whether we should let it die
But close up, straight lines are a million curvy lines
And curvy lines are a million straight lines
So how do you define whats wrong and whats right
When it crosses your mind a million times
And try as you might you can’t decide
Between letting it end with a true love for a true friend
Or keeping with the trend of sidelong glances and batting eyelashes
Unknowing how our own inside joke is getting back at us
Its gonna get back at us
Yeah I got a feeling we’re in for the big one this time

I wouldn’t have imagined that I’d have such a passive reaction
After all the passion, pent up attraction didn’t stop me in my tracks
But it stopped me from asking if what you feel for her is this organic, this dynamic
I guess this is a lesson about a chance I had for redemption
Go figure I learn to put down my defenses just when you finally come to your senses
But I respect the place I hold, don’t wanna crash your party
I really do like you, I really am sorry

Do I back up? Should I ignore it?
Should I slam on the brakes when I want to just floor it?
Do I take what I crave, when I know what’s at stake?
I do believe that it was fate
That bound and gagged and left me here

I just hate you cause you’re happy
And how much I want you to be
And I hate how she’s so wonderful
But mostly how she isn’t me
As a stick rips through the sand
It forces every grain to take a side
I know that I had time to think
And I don’t think I’d have changed my mind
Cause its just wrong
The moment lasted as long as the lie
And how you can’t be still, you can’t move on
But then again, neither can I.

scars and all

Written By: molly dechenne

maybe it was easy
just cause i was younger then
i used to love so freely
but i cant remember how
i wouldnt say it wasnt
cause i meant it when i said it
all the same, its something different now
i knocked down the pedistol
free from false belief
and ever since i've wanted something more
i've cheated and i've sinned
and with every guy since him,
i've had one foot in my mouth
or out the door
but these days i've got a good feeling
wanna bet this is where it starts?
i'm learning to unlearn things
and if only for the time being
maybe either way you're gonna be the one i fight for...
i miss the way the mountains look
i miss the heavy rain
and the ocean rubbing up against the shore
i hold your hand against my chest
your pulse against my pulse
and i dont feel quite so far away
from home anymore
the streetlamp through the window
paints the walls and shadows on your back
and i've been awake for hours
and i'm finally relaxed
cause you asked me to stay
and so i did
and its better than i recall
cause you're here
and you're real
and i love you,
yeah i love you,
scars and all


"THe Who Hash EP" -2006 for streaming

Set List

Who Am I
The Big One
Temerarius #1
Temerarius #2
Whose Side Are You On?
Friend of a Friend
I Like It

Mr. Jones (by Counting Crows)
Freefallin (by Tom Petty)
When I Come Around (by Green Day)