Country "Southwestern" music that leads you through a landscape of emotions that are a beautiful result of this duos experiences. When you listen to the songs these girls have written, you become part of a conversation between friends.


Our sound is unique in that Tambi has a 3plus octave range and Paige has the smoky low tones. Their harmonies are sister like yet their voices could not be more opposite. They have taken the "twang" out of country and added a southwestern flavor. Music is radio comercial with eloquence. Influences are Cash, Orbison, Mavericks, 70's Heart, Tom Petty and so many more...


Tent City

Written By: Paige Logan / Tambi Matich

The've got drug offenders drunk rearenders carjackers police attackers and anybody else Maricopa County has to blame
Don't pay your alimony you get green bologna every night for dinner and you're not a winner if you find yourself in the dead beat hall of shame
You're in tent city and it ain't pretty
Seeing a bunch of grown men prancing around in pink underwear but you'll know where you're at
You're in tent city and it's hot and gritty but if you don't like the service here ya'll don't come back

Arpaio the Sheriff he don't care if some folks don't like him quit your whinning he's not the one who's breaking Arizona's rules
He'll turn a gang banger to a chain ganger wearing stripped jumpers for you new comers he's not the Dean of an all boy Catholic school (he's running)
They don't have cable TV or AC (except for the dogs) behind those prison gates If you've ever been there then you know why there's low recidivism rates


They recently released an independant record. They have just started pitching to the majors.

Set List

They do 95% original music. Can do a 1 hour set or 3 45min. sets, full band or acoustic. Some covers may include: Don Williams, Cash, Roger Miller, Orbison, Heart.