molly kurvink

molly kurvink


you have seen molly playing in folk and rockin' acts, now she is stepping forward with her own sack o' original tunes, with 6lb.head behind her driven' them home. shes still the "girl from detroit" and she is really laying it down!.


when you see molly, you don’t forget her. when you hear her sing and play, you change. she is a powerhouse on stage. molly distills emotion with the textures of her voice, the stark honesty of her lyrics and a honed musical craftsmanship. if you haven’t seen her, then her voice will have touched you with her own “maynard’s big front porch” or other tamarack, james gordon, or ian tamblyn songs on the radio. she has released six albums with tamarack and shared the stage and cd tracks with ian tamblyn, jeff bird (cowboy junkies) james gordon, rita chiarelli, melanie doane and countless other canadian artists. touring extensively in canada, the us and great britain, molly has been an inspiration to women leaving behind a trail of budding female bass players where ever she goes.
on this latest release, with head, molly brings out her acoustic guitar and a suitcase of songs to fuse a long career of folk music with her motown roots, shaking up the cocktail with a dash of pop and r&b. molly still likes kickin’ it with the kids and has evan gordon (juno nom. constantines and royal city) sitting in the big producers chair. her backing band, six lb. head (harri palm, stu peterson, al hosack and jeff english) reaches way back to the seventy's punk scene in toronto (johnny and the g-rays, michael jordanna and the poles) and moves forward to take a sampling from almost every musical wave since.


molly kurvink with 6lb.head
spirt and stone, tamarack (folk era records)
13, tamarack (folk era records)
leaving inverarden, tamarack (folk era records)
muskoka's calling, tamarack
blankets of snow, tamarack

Set List

molly has a suitcase of orignal tunes to keep ya happy all night long...