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North Hollywood, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF | AFTRA

North Hollywood, California, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo R&B Alternative




"Ears Wide Open: Molly Moore"

Aspiring pop siren Molly Moore earns an “A” in both production value and self-delusion for her new single “Don’t Believe It,” which she introduces by saying “the best world to live in is the one that you create for yourself.” There’s some merit to that, of course; where the song goes off the rails is the chorus, “It’s ain’t real / if you don’t believe it.” Without going into a long-winded rant about how mainstream pop continually fails to rise above such balderdash: No. Most of the time it is real. Anyway, the transplanted New Yorker co-wrote the song with Brandyn Burnette, April Bender and producer Steve Dresser, and it’s the follow-up to the single “Natural Disaster,” which we imagine was inspired by a bad hair day. The big hook and slick feel of “Don’t Believe It” are the kind of stuff that could propel it onto the airwaves of whatever radio station they play at Supercuts when I get what’s left of my hair trimmed. Both the background music and Father Time’s effect on the hairline are realities I have no choice but to believe. - Buzz Bands LA

"#ChromeSelects: Molly Moore"

Molly Moore, an emerging singer-songwriter, first caught our attention with “Natural Disaster” a tune that has racked up the love on SoundCloud, garnering over 35,000 plays so far.

Moore’s newish tune “Don’t Believe It” delivers an emotional performance that plucks at the heart strings. We truly get to see her range as a postmodern folk-pop queen. Look out, she’s just begun her voyage. - Chrome Music

"American singer Molly Moore debuts new song ‘Natural Disaster’:"

Natural Disaster is the latest offering from New York-raised Molly Moore, an actress and singer who is now based in LA.

The song’s lo-fi, percussion-driven production is arranged in a way that allows Moore’s gently cooing vocals to take centre stage throughout, steering the track to its slow-burning crescendo via contemplative, mid-tempo verses, a lofty and memorable pop chorus, and a dreamy middle eight. - Chart Shaker

"Discover: Molly Moore - Natural Disaster"

Introducing Molly Moore, an emerging singer/songwriter from Los Angeles who echoes the sounds of Tove Lo and Halsey.

“Natural Disaster” combines a raw lyrical journey with gorgeous melodies, wait until you get to the bridge! This is a promising start for Molly Moore, laying down the sugar without overcoating her brand of POP. Moore is one to watch for. - Pop On And On


As a natural singer-songwriter, Studio City denizen Molly Moore weaves between tender folk and edgy pop. And like Zella Day before her, she’s honing her craft into an album of epic deliverance. Her latest single, “Natural Disaster,” is her strongest yet with pounding percussion, layered synths, and an unleashed soaring vox. A milestone breakthrough is now inevitable. - Free Bike Valet

"Watch List: Molly Moore Saves Fans from 'Natural Disasters'"

From New York City to Los Angeles, pop-singer, Molly Moore is taking on a journey of her own. Signed by manager, Ric Aliberte, with producer, Steve Dresser, fans describe her music style as "edgy" with a twist of "folk." Moore has been compared to singers such as, Suzanne Vega, Joan Osborne and Lisa Loeb. “Natural Disaster" is a smooth, synthetic tune that will have you feeling electric. Skyrocketing on SoundCloud, this track gained over 35,000 views. The remix is #1 on Hype Machine. "Don't Believe It" exploded with over 25,000 listens on Hype Machine. Through Moore's eyes, music is more than a decision; it's a passion. "It's something I have to do." This singer hopes to uplift her fans through her lyrics, so they will overcome their own painful experiences and 'natural disasters' of their life.

“I see so much of myself, my younger rebellious side, and all of the pain that I went through growing up. I feel for these people. I want to say something to them that will make them realize that it’s going to be okay, they are going to make it through.” - Next 2 Shine

"Artist Spotlight - Molly Moore"

Molly Moore- a talented songwriter, singer and actor from New York - is working viciously on her first EP called "Shadow of the Sun." Molly grew up in a musical family, and quickly developed her skills at a young age. Whether she's writing about personal experiences, things that have happened to loved ones, or things that have absolutely no attachement to her life, she keeps dropping one masterpiece after another.

I emailed Molly and was excited as she agreed to an interview. This was the result: - Song Meanings

"Molly Moore - Don't Believe It"

Originally hailing from Hastings-on-Hudson, NY but based out of Los Angeles, emerging pop singer/songwriter Molly Moore, who first caught our attention earlier this year with her previously released single, "Natural Disaster" makes a welcome return today with the unveiling of her brand new single entitled "Don't Believe It", produced by Steve Dresser.

In regards to the single, Molly says: "This song is really important to me because of the message behind it - the best world to live in is the one that you create for yourself."

Listen to "Don't Believe It" below and stay tuned for Molly's forthcoming EP scheduled for release later this summer. - Wonky Sensitive

"Don't Believe It - Molly Moore"

Came across the female singer Molly Moore from Win and Woo’s most recent remix of her beautiful original Natural Disaster; where the vocals displayed could not be more on point. Recently the vocalist released a brand new indie-pop track titled Don’t Believe It, where you will hear a little bit more of a darker tone from Moore over a smooth production by Steve Dresser. Check it below and if you dig it as much as we do, be sure to follow the lovely Molly Moore on SoundCloud for more. Enjoy! - Nothin But Hits

"Molly Moore - Don't Believe It"

Not shy to posting a sensually uplifting pop song here, it's no surprise to learn I've fallen head over heels for LA-based artist Molly Moore and her elegantly expansive vocal talents, all upon first listen no less.With its swoonful verse sections and heady choruses, all backed with an explosive array of scintillating synth-work and pristine production, Don't Believe It is as good as any introduction needed to her indulgent world. Check it out for yourselves below, I for one can't wait to hear more. - Scientists Of Sound


Simultaneously, Molly Moore‘s track “Natural Disaster” feels like a celebration of being alive and an angry (but beautiful) delivery of something fighting to be said. The pop track builds towards an explosive chorus with lyrics like “I know you’re not crazy just broken like me.” Haunting and poetic, just like the accompanying lyric video that the musician has released.

“Natural Disaster” was co-written with Melanie Fontana and Brandyn Burnette, and the video was created by Adrián Morán Molinero. Watch it and feel the hazy emotional pull of sound and visuals.

Molly Moore’s name will be popping up everywhere in no time. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with latest news and releases. - New Sick Music

"Buzz Track: Natural Disaster"

Kings favorite Molly Moore released her most impressive track yet Natural Disaster. The remix of the single has over 200k plays within 2 weeks. She recently performed an acoustic show for “The Burning Ear” blog at The Roosevelt Spare Room. College of Music blog notes “Good, conscious pop music is hard to come across. However, in this case, Molly Moore is the diamond in the rough. Layering her beautiful voice over a synth-filled production, Molly’s second official release has an amazing sound and message that can easily be found.” Molly is currently working on a music video for “Don’t Believe It” & performing shows in LA. - Kings Of A&R

"Molly Moore sends all the 'Vibes' [405 Premiere]"

New York native Molly Moore now calls Los Angeles home, and she has a new song that channels southern California. The soft pops in 'Vibes' mimic your ears in low pressure; as we sink deeper (or soar higher), disorientation sinks in. Where are we? How do we get out? Moore has similar existential questions, and she voices them via the new track. Listen below.

“A lot of my life doesn’t feel real lately, and I find myself tripping over small things, affected by energy, easily overtaken by overwhelming emotions. It was especially surreal to reconnect with my high school prom date Keenan Charles to remotely collaborate on it. We haven’t seen each other in so many years!”

It’s easy to get lost in the small details; ironically, this is where Moore thrives. Small production moments bubble up throughout the song, and altogether they create a smooth electro pop number meant for a slow dance. Despite his rapid rhymes, her old friend Keenan Charles adds to the groove that Moore has established. His insistence balances her daze. Together, it’s a vibe.

Follow Molly Moore on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. - thefourohfive

"Molly Moore is in tune with her inner "Vibes" with Keenan Charles Read more at"

New York singer-songwriter Molly Moore shares her "Vibes" with us in this latest single full of passionate melodies layered over ethereal backdrops. Just like the title says, the song focuses on emotions accentuated by Moore's introspective and heartfelt lyrics. She shows quite a penchant for going beyond the ordinary as her mellifluous vocals flow effortlessly. She also brought her old-time friend, rapper Keenan Charles, to add an additional texture to the track. - Earmilk

"INTERVIEW: Molly Moore is on a never-ending songwriting journey"

Music, like any vocation, takes time to make. There’s no blueprint to follow in the creation of art, and creative inspiration can come and go in an instant. I think most of the listening public is sympathetic to this fact, which is why there’s never too much of an outcry when an artist goes silent for a long period of time. We understand that everyone creates at their own pace, and long breaks in between music releases is nothing to bat an eye at. Then there’s Molly Moore. Since releasing her first EP Shadow of the Sun in 2015, Moore has been on an artistic tear. Barely months have gone by in the intervening years without a single or EP from Moore, either under her own solo work or with boyfriend Brandyn Burnette as part of their project Cosmos & Creature. I talked to Moore shortly after the release of her third EP, Third Eye High, at the end of May. Even with a new project fresh out into the world, Moore is still writing and sharing her vision.

Moore does appreciate the release, especially since Third Eye High came out with Moore halfway across the world from her home in California. “It doesn’t feel real because I was in Denmark when it came out so it’s still surreal that it’s out there,” she says with a laugh. Coming back home with your project already out has some perks, though. Moore says that she loves to see and hear about people enjoying her music out and about now that it’s been put out into the world. Third Eye High is the latest step in a never-ending journey for Moore.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Moore writes music every single day. That’s been her life for some time now, as she says she’s been wholly dedicated to music, saying it’s been “probably three years ago in September, because that was when I signed my first publishing deal so that was when I got financial freedom to create music and focus on it.” Before that she tried to write as much as possible, but also still had to work a day job in order to pay her expenses. Now that the finances to survive day to day are less of a concern, Moore has wholly thrown herself into writing music.

Whether it’s writing for herself, something to pitch to other artists, or on Cosmos & Creature, Moore is grateful for some of the freedom that comes with music as a full time job, saying “it’s very freeing to focus on it instead of carving out every little moment of free time to work on something.” When she was working another job her entire life was taken up by either work or writing, which didn’t do wonders for her work/life balance. Even still she’s working on sorting out that balance. Moore explains “That’s definitely still a challenge, getting to do other things aside from make music and make plans to put it out, but I’m learning every single day the biggest part of creating is living life, actually living it.” It’s definitely an adjustment for Moore, but one she’s taking to well.

One of the biggest parts of having a better balance in life is getting to explore new hobbies and interests, and Moore reveals that one of her new loves is cooking. “[It’s] Very therapeutic for me,” Moore says, and explains it engages many of her senses in a similarly creative way as her day job. We spend a few minutes talking about spices and exchanging favorite recipes, and while she jokes that there’s no Molly Moore YouTube cooking channel in the works, she is getting better and plans to continue on with her hobby while she works on more music.

While the creation of music is a joyful process and a living, breathing thing, it does share similarities with more traditional jobs. Namely, the inspiration isn’t always there and you can find yourself in a rut. It’s happened to Moore before, and she tries to remember how fortunate she is when that happens. She says “I feel like as a creative you react to being stuck in different ways depending on where you’re at in your circumstance, and for me I always try to take the pressure off because I feel like creating music is such a blessing to even be able to do.” This applies to both her solo work and her work with Burnette. She describes times when she and Burnette disagree on a direction to go or a particular piece of music, and the two of them will go work on their own projects or just take a break until they can work through it.

One of the most notable examples of this was a song that Moore started in November of last year, but couldn’t figure out the right lyrics for. “I literally waited six or seven months to write the words to the melody and guitar chords, and then they just came out of my one day. I was going through a lot, feeling like trouble connecting with the people in my life and the words just came out so simply and easily,” she reveals. At the same time, Moore says that it has definitely been a learning process letting go. She identifies herself as a serial micromanager and has high expectations for herself, saying “you want to be able to control, you want to be able to produce your best work all the time and be super productive, but at the end of the day you can’t always control when you are writing your best work or you are super productive.” Learning to let the work come to her has been a big part of Moore’s sustained success over the last few years.

Part of that lesson is being choosier with some of her work. Moore loves all of her EPs, but the way the songs were chosen has evolved. She explains that on the first two EPs it was mostly a case of putting the first six songs that were finished together and sending them off into the musical landscape. With Third Eye High, she played the part of curator a little more. “I did have a different perspective of just wanting to look at what I’ve created, then just take a longer moment to figure out which messages were really important for me to put forward and which were the clearest thoughts because you write all the time and not every song you make is great,” she says, adding in a bit of a chuckle on the last note.

That also translates into the production on her tracks, which Moore describes as a 50/50 mix of having a concrete plan going in and trying new things to see what fits. There are elements that Moore likes that almost always make an appearance, like the horns that provide texture to much of Third Eye High. Moore clarifies that at this point she’s more of a “verbal co-producer” in her words, although she is learning how to do more of it herself. She gives the producers she works with a pretty broad vision to work within, though. “I feel like as a creator I’m always like if there’s an instinct you have you want to do but you think it’s too weird or too much, please do it,” she explains. Moore relates it to something an acting teacher she had once told her: it’s much easier to go big and wild and throw everything in the mix and then pull it back than it is to coax more out of a more subdued project. With that in her heart, Moore arrives at the big, spacey sounds you hear from her.

That sense of space and fascination with the cosmos and the universe is something Moore has carried with her all of her life. “My parents were super spiritual people and always grounded me in believing in just more than what we focus on in our day to day lives and just the energy of the world and the universe and what’s out there,” she recalls fondly. Moore is fascinated by dreams and what’s out in our solar system and the more spiritual side of our existence, which she translates into her visuals, artwork, and music. She summarizes by saying “I just think every moment is really amazing if you think about it and stay grateful, and I’ve struggled so much with that in my life it’s become super important to me in music to talk about that.” When you listen to her work, you know Moore has succeeded in this.

Moore is not just grateful for the past and present, as she already has future plans. True to form, she says that she’s already working on more music that she wants to release soon. This is in addition to planning live shows to play through Third Eye High and other new material and crafting music videos to go with some of her previous releases. She also muses that now, at the age of 25, the thoughts and plans for a debut full-length album are forming in her mind. She has no timetable for anything, but she’s insistent that the year and a half between 2016 EP Now You See Me and Third Eye High was too long, and says she never wants to have that long of a gap between major releases again.

If there’s anyone who can stick with that relentless drive and plan, it’s Molly Moore. Whether with Cosmos & Creature or as a solo act, Moore’s thoughtful mind, unparalleled work ethic, and lighthearted tranquility are a force to be reckoned with when they’re combined. When people say they do something “all the time” it’s usually hyperbole, but Molly Moore means it when it comes to writing music. Songwriting is a long journey, and Moore is ready to take it without stopping. - Substream Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



New York native Molly Moore is a singer, songwriter & producer based in Los Angeles. Born in the Bronx to a musician as a father and a healer as a mother, Moore was raised in a eclectic household in Hastings on Hudson, NY. Inspired by strong female artists like Aretha Franklin, Alanis Morissette, Beyonce & Gwen Stefani, Moore leans into her powerful vocal prowess & introspective lyricism alongside lush musical landscapes. At 18, Moore graduated from high school 6 months early to focus on recording music. The next year, she moved to Los Angeles & began pursuing a career as a songwriter. Molly started releasing music independently, receiving strong support from Spotify, iTunes & tastemaker blogs which caused the first single to go viral & chart in many territories. While carving out a career as a solo artist, Moore is also ½ of the progressive pop duo Cosmos & Creature with EMAN8 (Brandyn Burnette). As a young female in the music industry, Moore has bigger dreams than just her budding music career. Now at the forefront of the independent music scene, Molly hopes to be a strong voice for female entrepreneurs. "Every single day is a chance to make something happen." Whether it's for herself, for another artist, or for her community, Molly is making a difference.

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