Molly Pinto Madigan

Molly Pinto Madigan

 Salem, Massachusetts, USA

"Favorite Local Female Songwriter" -- Red Line Roots
First Place -- Boston Folk Festival Songwriting Contest
First Place -- Family Folk Chorale Songwriting Contest
"Best Local Artist" -- Creative Salem
"Artist of the Year" -- Salem State University Music Awards
Nominee, "Female Vocalist of the Year" -- Limelight Magazine Awards
Featured Album, "Wildwood Bride" -- CD Baby


"Molly Pinto Madigan's voice resides and surrounds the frequency of angels -- her music destroys me."
-Jeff Black, GRAMMY-recognized singer/songwriter

"Molly Pinto Madigan is quite an extraordinary young woman.  She’s a veritable whirlwind of creativity.  If she’s not performing a show, she’s writing a book. If she’s not writing a book, she’s helping to produce a concert series at the local library or giving a workshop on music to students at her alma mater. Molly clearly has music in her soul; she weaves musical tales of love and love lost with a charming, clear voice that is reminiscent of Sandy Denny."
-Kathy Sands-Boehmer of the Me & Thee Coffeehouse

"Molly Pinto Madigan pulls the listener in with her captivating lyrics and hauntingly beautiful voice. She uniquely combines elements of folk, bluegrass and Celtic but obviously has a love for classic rock and contemporary pop. Her new record Wildwood Bride has something for each individual taste and music lovers in general will have a tough time picking a favorite track."
-John Shea, WATD's Almost Famous

"I had the pleasure of hearing Molly Pinto Madigan tonight at Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge. Let me tell you world this young lady has got it, got it, got it! Watch out she will be taking over the world!"
-Jenee Halstead, singer/songwriter

Hailed for her angelic voice and haunting compositions, Molly Pinto Madigan won first place in WUMB's Boston Folk Festival Songwriting Contest and was named "Artist of the Year" at Salem State University, her alma mater.  Since her debut as the lead singer for the teen bluegrass band Jaded Mandolin, Madigan has submerged herself in the dark, luscious world of ballads, drawn to their magic, and her original songs echo with the whisperings of the American and European traditional music.

Madigan has performed extensively around the Boston area at venues like Club Passim, The Boston Celtic Music Festival, First Night Boston, Cantab Lounge, notloB Parlor Concerts, Campfire Festival, The Lizard Lounge, and The Bull Run, sharing the stage with some big names in folk music, including Claire Lynch, Scott Alarik, Bridget Fitzgerald (of Cherish the Ladies), Robbie O'Connell (of The Clancy Brothers), Susan Cattaneo, Jeff Black, Tracy Grammer, and John Carter Cash.  She has been featured on WUMB's Local Folk,
WATD's Almost Famous, as well as WBRS's Off the Beaten Path.



Written By: Molly Pinto Madigan

My love, leonine,
Lay me in the pines.
Never let me go;
My heart swoons so slow.

Wreathed in larkspur lace,
Ripe for your embrace,
Singed and scorched with song,
I would drink the dawn, for


Come to me, to me,
Froth-borne on the sea, love
Turn your sails towards me
And bloom.

Rose and columbine:
If you will be mine,
Take me in the briar,
Thorn-pale with desire, with


Come to me, my swain,
Through the gilded grain,
Through meadowsweet-swept plains
In bloom.

Myrrh and mellow musk:
You outshine the dusk.
Larch and lupine, fair:
Darkling, do I dare to


Through the birchwood glade,
Bowing boughs of jade lead
Where our love was made
To bloom.

My love.


Written By: Molly Pinto Madigan

My radio is restless – more doomsday ripening
In a crowded August sky, heartbreak blue,
And as the summer’s freckled freedom is tightening,
Dwindling low, I will turn to you.

When autumn’s gash and gold wanes, when spruce-stained sunlight
Dapples only on asphalt and concrete,
When faithless are the kings who come in the dark night,
Oh, my love, have faith in me.

And all the stars growing dim –
God, it’s grim: the news on that blood-spattered screen,
So come and take my breath, my heartbreak, my cold hands.
Touch-to-touch: that’s all I need.

And when the TV’s cold, clear eye won’t quit crying,
And the gunshots scream their wildcat bloom,
The headlines hit me hard, my love, but I’m trying,
With heavy heart, to turn to you.

And all the stars growing dim –
God, it’s grim: the news on that star-spangled screen,
So come and take my breath, my heartbreak, my cold hands.
Touch-to-touch: that’s all I need.