Molly Rhythm

Molly Rhythm

 Trenton, New Jersey, USA

This Philadelphia/Trenton based act is an eclectic, eccentric, theatrical, kicking and screaming, face melting music machine, capable of switching genres at the drop of a hat and turning a song around on a dime. Do not miss any chance to see or hear what they bring to a stage or stereo.


Molly Rhythm's members have been in cahoots musically for quite some time, in on form or another. A diverse appreciation for music coupled with varied influences commands a truly unique sound. With distinct harmonies, an insatiable drive to perform and create, you'll not be left wanting for better entertainment or artistic stimulation.

Molly Rhythm released its debut album, "It Is What It Isn't", on GTG Records in May of 2013 and received local praise and support from the tough-to-please Trenton NJ music scene, as well as garnering the notice of several promoters in the Philadelphia area.  Their sophomore album, "The Devil Never Comes", was released in the final quarter of 2014, and was highly anticipated in the Tri-State area.  This ten track follow-up endeavor further explored Molly Rhythm's penchant for genre mash-ups and intensely dynamic song writing, while introducing the use of saxophone and trombone to further augment their sound.  "The Devil Never Comes" has a quality of recording, performance and song writing that (arguably) eclipses "It Is What It Isn't", and the band has leveraged this album in order to gain the foundation for national, and even international momentum. 

Highlights of their travels include playing Warped Tour, Pouzza Fest in Montreal 3 times, SXSW, The Detroit Ska Festival, Art All Night Trenton, and WMMR's Mistletoe Jam. 


It Is What It Isn't - 2013

The Devil Never Comes - 2014

Set List

Dolphin Rape Cave*


Belittle Me This



Right Meow


*Unrecorded, but check out an entire show - complete with technical difficulties and Dolphin Rape Cave as the opening track - HERE