Molly Ruth

Molly Ruth

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Molly Ruth sings about animals, fear, glory, murder, god, honor, blasphemy, tragedy, fervor, frenzy, longing, dreams, deserts, pain, devotion, crossroads, blood, birds, minds, time, and war. She is rooted deeply in blues, country and rock 'n' roll.


In Molly Ruth’s debut album, Full Moon Outlaw, 70’s rock and roll, Delta blues, and country ballads are thrown prostrate before Nature’s terrifying violence. Every song is a blood-sacrifice. Sometimes she is howling to the animal kingdom, sometimes sermonizing in a spirit language, sometimes wailing a bitter, jealous country ballad that leaves your heart ragged and your soul purified.

Ruth exhumes the ancient and resurrects it in the voice of Grand Ol Opry— her heartbroken country classics are littered with the symbols of tragedy and myth, her gritty blues songs are otherworldly ruminations on ecstatic rapture and star knowledge. Molly Ruth cries out her visionary impressionistic country hymns and they pierce your heart like a lonely spear flying to the back of a jagged toothed mountain cave. 

Whether performing solo with her guitar, or as accompanied by her powerful band, Molly Ruth live is truly hypnotizing, as she herself seems to be entranced, channeling stories of prophecy and murder in her own dreamy voice. Molly Ruth razes every stage she steps on, returning it to the land, consecrated by the blood of her kill and baptized in the sweetness of her eulogy.

To enter the world of Molly Ruth is to flee homeless and unborn through the thunder. To seek visions, and find knife-fights. To commune with elders and animals. To play until your strings break. To fear that absolution is always just over the next mountain ridge. To live as a Full Moon Outlaw.


Full Moon Outlaw 2018