Molotov Cockfight

Molotov Cockfight


We're a punk band, not quite hardcore like Leftover Crack or A Global Threat, but not quite to the point of Rise Against, Anti-Flag, somewhere in the middle.


The band molotov cockfight began when god came down from the heavans and announced himself AJ. His two puny human servants, Mitch and Chris, wished they could be as great as him. They begged him to let them play music with them. AJ excepted only on the terms that they obey him at all costs. After doing 6 world tours in only 3 months of playing with such bands as The Adicts, Millions of Dead Cops, Leftover Crack, The Ramones, Total Chaos, Lower Class Brats, Strike Anywhere, Operation ivy, Guttermouth, Agent Orange and the misfits, they decicided they were tired of headlining for these bands. After Jello Biafra told AJ he wished he could be as cool and talented as him he signed the deed to Alternative Tentacles to him. AJ was tired of all the fame and glory. Molotov Cockfight broke up in 2001. AJ now lives in Wayne Manor with his girlfriend Jenn and his two puny man servants Chris and Mitch.


A Shovel and a Condom

Written By: AJ Bighead

My darling's dead, but giving head
She's kinda dry, but she won't cry!
Her skin is cold, but she's warm inside
Now I push the famaldihyde
She might be deteriorating
But that won't stop my ejaculating!

Little Dead Girl, a little stinky,
My fresh little corpse, a little kinky
But why not, I might as well
Just like the song by TSOL

I might just wanna try something new,
But with a shovel and a condom I know what to do,
Throw you on the bed, cause you aren't forgetten
I don't care if your flesh is rotten
How you died, I don't care
I just like the spiders in your hair
I look back at your empty smile,
Then I do it doggy style

Little Dead Girl, a little stinky,
A fresh little corpse, a little kinky
But why not, I might as well
Just like the song by TSOL

Your heart ain't beatin', but mine's doin' just that
Now hold on, HEAR CUMS THE SPLAT!!

Little Dead Girl, a little kinky,
A fresh little corpse, a little stinky
But why not, I might as well
Just like the song by TSOL

That Dreaded Wednesday

Written By: AJ Bighead

The news came, I knew what had to be done, Cunt Kerry fell out, and Bush had won

Put a gun to his head ,do it right now, Or put more thought into it, cause I know how

The past four years were hell and I know the next’ll, Fuck a bullet, I’ll send you a pretzel

Or maybe a bike if you don’t take ‘em away, And if that fails, I’ll try an old segway

Punk Voter, Rock (Against) Bush, we really tried something
Our Protests and tours, they were all for nothing
I’ll kick and I’ll scream and I’ll fight till the end,
My life my rights, my music and my scene I will defend,

It was abuse as I turned on the news , And I took the yellow ribbons and made a noose,
I heard "Fuck ‘em both" and I concurred, And I felt a draft so I put on a shirt (Not my President)

PUNK ROCK TO ALL, we really tried something
Or protests and tours, they were ALL FOR NOTHING,
I'll kick and I'll scream, I'll fight till the end,
My life, my rights, my band, my music and my scene, I will defend

Kids getting sued for music copies As old racist men control women’s bodies, Supreme court filled with supreme whores, Sip your booze and support Pete Coors

Political Humor we really tried something, our protests and tours, they were all for nothing,
I'll kick and I'll scream I'll fight till the end, my life my rights my band my music and mys cene, I will defend, I will defend, I will defend.

Hobo Orgy

Written By: AJ Bighead

When you’re so low in poverty
And you don’t care about VD
It happens once every century..

50 Hobos on my bed
Why not business men instead
69 or givin’ head
50 hobos on my bed

They all wanna get together
To escape the cold cold weather
You won’t believe what I see

They’re all covered with lice and Insects

They’re all drunk & outta work

You won’t believe what I see

They all wanna get under my covers
So they can all bone each other
Why god, why me,


We have 1 Demo entitled "Molotov Cockfight and their demonstration of songs in a humorous and politically suggestive nature compacted to a disk"

Set List

Global Warming
Hobo Orgy
A Shovel and a condom
Ultra Violence (Lower Class Brats Cover)
That Dreaded Wednesday
Hot Topic Kids
American Idol Can Suck My Ass
Sweet Dreams (Marilyn Manson cover of someone else)
We Decide What to Report
Keep your beliefs off my dick
Eat Our Shit (or you're a terrorist)